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Scapin is a rogue, a meddler, and sharp as a tack. He has to be, because he needs to get himself, his masters and their girls out of the scrape they've gotten themselves into. Scrape? Yes, well, it seems that their already rich dads want them to marry money, but they've gone and fallen in love with poor girls. Of course, it all comes right in the end, but not without some very close shaves. The Jerusalem Khan's production of Moliere's Scapino opens December 19 with Vitali Friedland in the title role. It's directed by Udi Ben Moshe, who has a very deft hand with a comedy, and the music is by his long-term collaborator Keren Peles. 'Jewish Dog' goes to Budapest The Golem Festival, to be held in Budapest December 3-5, has invited the Simta Theater's production of A Jewish Dog, adapted and directed by Jonathan Esterkin from the best-seller by Asher Kravitz. It's the story of the rise of Nazism, the Holocaust and the eventual immigration of a survivor to Israel as seen through the eyes of the dog Koresh, beautifully realized by Alon Ophir, who plays the humans as well. The Golem Festival, in collaboration with the Hungarian National Theater, seeks to bring contemporary Israeli theater to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences alike. Now in its second year, the festival was initiated by Andras Borgula, the founder and artistic director of the Golem Theater (established 2005). The theater relates to Jewish life worldwide. Ruth Ziv to compete in Poland Choreographer Ruth Ziv is one of 12 finalists to compete at the fourth Sergei Diaghilev competition in Lodz, Poland on December 21. Since the work may be no longer than 12 minutes, she and Noa Rosental will perform Rose Isn't Waiting, a duet she made in 2004. Last year's first prize winner was Israeli-born UK choreographer Hofesh Schecter.