BDS movement calls on Rolling Stones to cancel plans to play in Israel

Facebook page calls on legendary British rockers to boycott Israel "due to the state's crimes against humanity."

BDS Rolling Stones page (photo credit: FACEBOOK,REUTERS)
BDS Rolling Stones page
(photo credit: FACEBOOK,REUTERS)
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement wasted little time in trying to convince the legendary British rockers of The Rolling Stones to cancel their plans to perform in Israel for the first time.
Just days after The Jerusalem Post broke the story that the Stones were closing in on a June 10 show at the National Stadium in Ramat Gan, the BDS movement opened a Facebook page on Wednesday, calling on the band to cancel its plans to play in Israel “due to the state’s crimes against humanity.”
A post on the Facebook page on Thursday claimed that pro-Israel hackers had unsuccessfully attempted to take down the site.
“This page has been under attack by unskilled Mossad-paid script-kiddies. They’ve been neutralized. Now it is time to bring the Zionist regime to it’s knees, be it by stones or with a swift kick to the wallet. Don’t bother, Rolling Stones. Israel will probably not exist come June.”
A previous BDS effort failed to stop R&B singer Alicia Keys from performing in Israel last year.
The Post quoted a source as saying on Monday that the Rolling Stones’ show will probably be promoted by Shuki Weiss, who has been involved with many of the top international performances of recent years, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Depeche Mode and Metallica, and who represents all LiveNation concerts and events in Israel.