Gospel in the Galilee

Iris and Ofer Portugali open this season’s Keshet Eilon series of topnotch concerts.

Gospel in the Galilee (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gospel in the Galilee
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On November 16, the Keshet Eilon Music Center in Kibbutz Eilon in the western Galilee opens its concert series with an evening of gospel music, presented by Iris and Ofer Portugali and their Gospel Ensemble.
This is the 10th season of the concert series, which attracts a wide audience. The concerts take place in the spacious new concert hall, which boasts fine acoustics. The varied programs, compiled by Keshet Eilon CEO Gilad Sheba, appeal to different audiences, with topnotch musical quality being the common denominator. It is not by chance that businesswoman and social activist Raya Strauss has chosen to support Keshet Eilon – the international summer violin master course with year-round activities – as one of the centers of excellence in the Galilee, which contributes a lot to the development of the region.
The kibbutz-born Sheba, who for many years served as a music teacher before becoming one of Keshet Eilon’s founders, says, “The Galilee is a wonderful area with a lot of potential. I don’t believe that local music lovers should travel as far as Tel Aviv to enjoy music; just the opposite. The Galilee is one of the country’s most beautiful regions, with plenty of tourist attractions. Our ticket prices are reasonable, and we are most grateful to the artists, who travel as far as our northern frontier and agree to lower fees because they think it is important to perform for the culture-hungry and very warm and supportive public.”
This season will feature eight concerts, which would be sold-out events in any city that appreciates fine music. Among the performers are the Israeli Chamber Project; Gil Alon, performing songs by Jacques Brel; the Ariel Quartet and the Mondrian Trio; Israeli Opera soprano Ira Bertman and tenor Yotam Cohen; and participants of that Pablo Casals Festival, as well as violinist Hagai Shaham, cellist Raphael Wallfisch and pianist Arnon Erez.
For more details and reservations: www.keshetei.org.il