Ivri Lider heats up the stage in Tel Aviv

Pop icon proves why he's one of Israel’s most well loved modern musicians during celebratory concert at TA's Habima.

Ivri Lider performs in Tel Aviv 370 (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Ivri Lider performs in Tel Aviv 370
(photo credit: YouTube screenshot)
Ivri Lider proved on Friday afternoon why he is one of Israel’s most well loved modern musicians when he performed a celebratory concert at Tel Aviv’s Habima theater for the general public as well as a few of his own special guests.
The show marked the official start of Lider’s winter tour to celebrate the release of his new album Mishe’u Pa'am (Someone, Once).
Friday afternoon at Habima is not a regular time or place for a concert by a modern star.
But this was no ordinary concert. And Lider is no ordinary performer. With a career spanning more than 15 years and a mantelpiece full of awards, Lider proved why he is still as popular as ever.
As the crowd of 25- to 35-year-old Tel Avians gathered inside the theater, it seemed like any other sunny Friday afternoon in the fall. But once Lider came on stage, the crowd was treated to over two hours of professionalism and good quality entertainment.
The softly spoken star opened the show with a slow and emotional performance of “Le Rega Katan” (For A Brief Moment) from his last album Mishe’u Pa'am. This was followed by a few other slower songs, after which the instantly likable star addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming. While the sun shined outside on the White City, Lider reminded the crowd that two weeks ago, a concert like this may not have been able to take place. He explained that there were doubts as to whether the security situation would get better in time for the concert to go ahead. Luckily for everyone, it did.
After a few more slower songs such as “Yoter Tov Klum MeKimat” (Better Nothing Rather Than Nearly) and an emotional performance of one of his earliest hits “Leonardo,” Lider brought on stage a special guest.
He was joined by Shabak Samech’s Mookie for an explosive performance of their recent duet “Mazal Tov Israel.” Most of the crowd were on their feet by this point, and they stayed standing with hands in the air for “Melatef Vemeshaker” (Caressing and Lying).
From an intimate chilled out afternoon show, Lider turned it into a solid pop rock performance, complete with people standing in the isles with their hands in the air.
Being the true professional that he is, Lider gave his fans an all round performance by slowing down the tempo once again when he sat down with his badn on a row of stools to perform a few more of the slower songs that he is so well known for. One of the classics that got the most cheers was the timeless “Zachiti Le'ehov” (I Have Won Love).
Lider picked up the pace again before going off stage for a very short break. He returned for his encore with “Mishe’u Pa’am” (Somebody Once) and gave certain fans a treat when he lowered himself into the crowd and proceeded to sing to a few lucky fans individually.
Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Lider pulled out all the stops with his performance of “Chom Shel Tel Aviv” (Tel Aviv Heat). After explaining the history of the song, Lider launched straight into the slow first verse. After a longer than usual bridge into the chorus, none other than Mizrahit music legend Sarit Hadad came bursting onto the stage to sing it. There was not a person left seated while the two stars belted out a perfect performance of the well-loved song.
Even though that would have been a great end to the show, Lider knows how to take things to the next level. He ended with a heartfelt performance of one of his signature songs “Bo” (Come), a cover of Rita’s hit song that was used for the Yossi and Jagger soundtrack.
A perfect way to end a perfect performance.