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Kelly Clarkson makes adjustments.

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clarkson, kelly 88
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Iggy Waxman launches tour Six years have passed since her last concert tour, and now Iggy Waxman is ready to rock local audiences again. Her tour is in support of her most recent album, Mistovevim, but shows will include hits from throughout her career. The 33 year old Waxman will be backed by a four-piece band including Ron Bunker (guitar), Ariel Sherbkovski (bass), Aviv Cohen Hashani (drums), and Itai Ben Margi (keyboards). Waxman is best known for her debut album Adom (1995) and her follow-up Lo Mechakeh Yoter LeDavar (1997). On Mistovevim, Waxman's signature hyperactivity comes out in full force. The tour kicks off in her hometown of Jerusalem at Syndrome on March 23, then heads to Rishon Lezion on April 5, and then to Tel Aviv's Barbi Club. The concert in Tel Aviv is a special one, in which Waxman will host musician and ex-husband Hemi Rudner. Tickets available at all agencies. - Viva Sarah Press Kelly Clarkson makes adjustments The first ever "American Idol," Kelly Clarkson is generating a great deal of excitement in Israel, where she is slated to perform at the end of the month. Ticketholders should be aware that the down-to-earth pop star has changed the date of her March 27 concert to March 25. All tickets from the original date are good for the new date, which is a Saturday night. - Jerusalem Post staff ITP to be on TV after all Thanks to the generosity of the Payis Arts Council, the Israel Theater Prize awards ceremonies on April 7 will be televised after all. The council is providing the NIS 150,000 the broadcast will cost and Keshet will screen the event on Thursday, April 13. - Helen Kaye Shohat premieres Zehavi The Israel Chamber orchestra conducted by Gil Shohat will premiere Oded Zehavi's "The Author's Tale," a work for solo cello and soprano based on Luigi's Pirandello's Conversation with a Character, a book of stories in which the Italian playwright examines the link between the creator and the created. In this particular story a character pleads with the author for inclusion. Also in the program, one of Shohat's early works, The Nightingale and the Rose. The three concerts are at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on March 19 and 23 (two concerts). - Helen Kaye