No Coasts goes inland and cuts costs

At 8:40 p.m. the festival patrons will proceed through the streets, accompanied by a couple of performing walking bands.

Jerusalemites are in line for an alternative, go-with-the-flow event this Thursday when the third annual No Coast Festival hits the road – literally. The organizers of No Coast – the wordplay in the title of which alludes to being in Jerusalem, away from the coast a.k.a the Tel Aviv scene, and the fact that all items in the festival are free of charge – have devised the festival as a peripatetic cultural activity.
The evening starts out at 7:15 p.m. at a home at Rehov Rama 14 inNahlaot where there will be an exhibition of video art by Asaf Eden,Moran Gutman’s visual improvisation on the David Cronnenberg movieNaked Lunch and the Black Mass series by Noam Dror.
At 8:40 p.m. the festival patrons will proceed through the streets,accompanied by a couple of performing walking bands – Nevi’ai Haza’am(The Prophets of Wrath) and Nashfanei Hagehinom (Hell’s Blowers) – toDavidka Square. The next stop is an as-yet unnamed empty parking lot,followed by a show at a house on Rehov Adler with the lineup includingthe likes of blow-em-away post rockers Subjunk, Australian folkie AmyMcKnight, DJ Gili The Kid, free jazz twosome Trek Duo andstream-of-consciousness musical outfit Dirty Hands on a Trash Like You.
The festival also marks the release of the new compilation CD by the NoCoast label, as well as the launch of the new NoCoast magazine.
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