Pixies to play at TA Exhibition Center

Modern Talking singer to croon here.

Pixies to play at TA Exhibition Center
When the announcement was made late last year that the beloved American alternative band the Pixies would be appearing in Tel Aviv on June 9, the venue for the show was not disclosed. Evidently, the promoters wanted to gauge how many tickets could potentially be sold before deciding on the location. Sales must be going well, as the site of the show was announced Wednesday – The Tel Aviv Exhibition Center – where artists as diverse as Chris Cornell, Dio and Faith No More have played in the past. In a season chock full of visiting artists, this one might be the highlight for hard-core music fans.    
Modern Talking singer to croon here
Thomas Anders, best known as the lead singer for German pop duo Modern Talking, will be giving two shows later this month – February 17 at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv and February 18 at the Haifa Convention Center.
Anders and Dieter Bohlen formed the successful duo in 1984, reaching the charts many times with hits like “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul.” The duo, which broke up after three years, reunited in 1998 for another round of fame, selling over 65 million albums worldwide before disbanding for good in 2003. Advertised as two hours of disco hits for fans of Eurovision, Euro pop and ’80s music, tickets for the show are on sale at www.global-show.com.   
Hit genealogy show gets Israeli version
The Israeli version of the BBC hit show Who Do You Think You Are will debut tonight on Channel 1.
As in the British version, each of the six half-hour-long episodes planned for the first season will feature a celebrity setting out to trace his or her family tree. Journalist Gabi Gazit will be the first to take the journey, during which he will learn about his parents’ wartime experiences and more.
Local and international experts help participants learn what their families never told them – that the stories they did hear were not true. They may find secrets and scandals, heartache and tragedy, but each will also unearth a deeper personal connection to their ancestors and roots.
Each episode combines documentary, good detective stories, biography and history.
Now in its seventh season, the BBC show has millions of viewers who have led to the creation of a large genealogy industry (a Website, a magazine and an annual history show attracting upwards of 15,000 people) to help them learn more about their own families.
Local genealogists are hoping for a similar increased interest.
Future episodes will feature Comedian Tal Friedman, February 11; actor Ohad Knoller, February 18; author Shifra Horn, February 25; actress Michal Yannai, March 4; and psychiatrist Dr. Yoram Yovel, March 11.