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Actor-singer Nir and his musician brother Eran debut their first joint project with an album called Achi Pashut She'yesh.

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levy bro disk 88298
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LEVY BROTHERS Achi Pashut She'yesh (Base Records/Yellow Submarine) Actor-singer Nir and his musician brother Eran debut their first joint project with an album called Achi Pashut She'yesh. The album's release coincided with the screening of Nir's latest film, Yamim Shel Ahava and two tracks from the album are also found on the movie's soundtrack ("China Morocco," "Hitchatenet"). The music is simple rock without pretentiousness. Eran leads the back up musicians with guitar riffs that are firmly paced and easy to follow. The tunes are not complicated. Eran, who has spent years playing in other people's bands, this time around has his own backup players including Peter Roth (bass), Tal Segev/Ran Shimoni/ Itai Ben Margi (keyboards), Eran Weiz (guitars), Ronen Hillel (percussion) and Eldad Gueta (piano). Eran composed the music to all tracks on the album. Nir sings. His voice is deep, monotonous (but in a good way), and comforting. The Levy brothers employed a little help from their musician friends in insuring first-class texts. Among others, Shmuel Heimovitz, Meir Goldberg, Eitan Glass Nahmias, and Aharon Shabtai pitched in with writing. The songs are not deep in meaning but also not foolish. Overall, the brothers' album is pleasant. IGGY WAXMAN Mistovevim (Eighth Note) Iggy Waxman is back with her fourth offering. Like on her previous albums Waxman's name is credited behind the lyrics for all tracks. On Mistovevim we also get to taste her musical compositions (tracks 4, 6, 7, 9). Rock's "it" girl of the 1990s, the Toronto-born Waxman, whose real name is Maya Jennifer, offers up melodies from her heyday with a contemporary vibe. Waxman is best known for her debut album Adom (1995) and her follow-up Lo Mechakeh Yoter LeDavar (1997). Her third offering, Be'adinut (2000) bombed in terms of sales. She says that Mistovevim is a return to the music she made as a teenager with a dash of maturity as she is now 33 years old. There's a smattering of electro in the mix ("Chelek Me'avir"). Waxman's signature hyperactivity comes out in full force, especially on the catchy "Mesacheket Im Bubot," on which she reworked some of No Doubt's beats. That's not to say, she doesn't have her quiet moments, as we hear on "Tamid Ohev, Tamid Nifga" and "Lehitatef Be'etzev Lichvodcha". Her ex, Algiers's Ofer Koren, was responsible for the expert musical arrangements. Though it took Waxman six years to put together Mistovevim, it feels like she's been away from the music scene much longer. Her return is welcomed.