Yoav Kutner's garden in the shade

If you're into the Beatles then head over to Holon for a weekend of nostalgia, music and '60s party.

abbey road cover 248.88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
abbey road cover 248.88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Beatles are not my favorite band. They're in my top five for sure, but the number one spot is reserved for someone else. That having been said, I can admit to being Beatles-obsessed, the root of which is the everlasting torment that stems from having been born too late to see the quintessential rockers perform live or listen to their songs released fresh on the radio. In an attempt to compensate for that loss, I'll go to every photo exhibition, every overpriced concert of the remaining two members and attend every performance by Beatles tribute bands I can get to. As such, good news prevails in the form of the second Beatles Festival in Holon, which begins this Thursday. Arranged by local Beatles guru Yoav Kutner, some good cover bands are only part of the scene. Opening the festival with a free show from the roof of the Shteinberg center is the really terrific Magical Mystery Tour, a spectacular Beatles cover band. With all members playing the same instruments as the fab four, their sound is damn close to the original. Warming them up is the Shteinberg Big Band with their unique versions of Beatles songs. Also slated for opening night is a show of the the greatest Beatles love songs as performed by Alma Zohar, Efrat Gosh, Tamar Eisenman, Aya Korem and Miri Mesika. This year's festival celebrates 40 years since the release of Abbey Road. In its honor, one street in Holon will be renamed Abbey Road - for one day. On the occasion, visitors are welcome to take their picture on the road's crosswalk a la the album's famous cover. Furthermore, the festival is to close with a performance of the entire album performed by Yirmi Kaplan, Hemi Rudner, Maor Cohen, Yali Sobol and Guri Alfi. Other events during the three-day festival are the series, Beatles in Colors, in which various adaptations of the band's songs in different ethnic styles and genres, a Beatles musical and a swinging '60s party. The second annual Beatles Festival takes place from May 14-16 at the Shteinberg Center - 21 Givat Hatachmoshet St., Holon. For more information and tickets call (03) 550-0012.