Strange birds coming home to roost

Strange birds come home

aviad shkolnik weird chicken 224 (photo credit: Vlad Shusterman)
aviad shkolnik weird chicken 224
(photo credit: Vlad Shusterman)
Jerusalemite indie outfit Weird Chicken aims to ruffle more than a few feathers when it stages a strange set full of brooding punk mayhem in the capital on Saturday night. The band features guitarists Tanny Clapsaddle and Zach Harvey, and is driven by bassist Shani Feldman and the manic off-kilter drumming of Aviad Shkolnik. Weird Chicken defines its sound as "Tinnitus on the rocks" and cites Sonic Youth, Neil Young, the Ramones and Fu Manchu among its influences. The band will play tracks from its just-hatched debut album, Massconception, as well as earlier material. Special guests are The Psychadelaphant, a young band from Tekoa. Weird Chicken's progressive thrash fest is set to begin at 9:30 p.m. Saturday night at the Blaze bar, Rehov Hillel 22. Early birds will receive complementary earplugs. Massconception is available for free download here.