The world's best kosher restaurant?

I was totally enchanted and overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of the architecture and furnishings.

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restaurant 88
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Dining out in Paris has always been a delight to look forward to. I was slightly apprehensive, however, when told we would be visiting a kosher restaurant called Le Telegraphe, as the name conjured up images of an austere British post office. I couldn't have been more wrong, and was totally enchanted and overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of the architecture and furnishings in this romantic establishment. It was like stepping back in history. Instead of the modern suit I was wearing, I felt I should have been dressed in a crinoline and bustle, with lots and lots of lace and a dainty handkerchief dangling from my sleeve. After the cornerstone was laid in 1905, the building was home to the ladies of the postal and telegraph services of Paris - hence the name. The structure is listed as a historical monument, and the original Art Nouveau decorations have been preserved. The magnificent floral arrangements are breathtaking. The whole place is luxurious, calming and a delight to the eyes. Greeted by manager Alain Lebland, we were escorted - I think I was floating - to the cozy, intimate bar for an aperitif. The bar area is just as beautiful, serene and calm as the rest of the establishment. We were escorted by a courteous French- and Hebrew-speaking waiter to our table, another delight was in store. The food was excellent; beautifully and tastefully presented. I can highly recommend the carpaccio and the foie gras. The service was impeccable yet unobtrusive, with every desire anticipated. According to some culinary experts, it is the best kosher restaurant in the world. Even if you don't keep kosher, this restaurant is well worth a visit on your next trip to France. Le Telegraphe seats 120, and is available for private groups, family events, brits, bar and bat mitzvas, and other celebrations. Kashrut by the Beit Din of Paris. Expensive. Le Telegraphe, 41 Rue de Lille, Paris VII. Tel: 01-45 05 11 40
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