Tivall has two new products in the series of soy products that taste like grilled meat.

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Tivall has two new products in the series of soy products that taste like grilled meat. The mildly-spiced imitation chicken breast strips are truly delicious; you can heat them up and eat them as is or add them to a salad. The other novelty in the grilled soy "meat" products is the schnitzel prepared with sweet chili sauce; both products contain 5% fat and cost NIS 32.20 a package. For those who like barbecues and bonfires, Elite offers a new version of its Tapuchips potato chips in barbecue flavor. This Tapuchips al ha-esh will be available for a limited time only; a 50 gr. bag is NIS 3.45. Barilla has a new series of pasta called Piccolini intended especially for kids because of its small size. Barilla picked kids' three favorite pasta shapes - farfalle, penne rigate and tortiglioni - and produced them in mini-sizes. The pasta needs to be cooked for seven minutes only; a 500 gr. box is NIS 8.45. Those who like to prepare exotic cocktails such as Pina Coladas, Daiquiris or Cuba Libras can try the El Dorado white rum, imported from Guyana. If you prefer to drink rum by itself, try the El Dorado dark rum. Both varieties are available in wine and liquor stores for NIS 55-59. If you feel a craving for ice cream but don't want to consume too many calories, you can opt for the Nestle Crunch ice cream snacks - small vanilla ice cream balls covered with crunchy chocolate. A box containing 25 Crunch snacks is NIS 26.90. Also new in the Crunch ice cream series are the Crunch chocolate ice creams covered with white chocolate; one of these ice creams costs NIS 6.20. Soda Club has a new flavor you can add to the soda drinks you prepare with the Soda Club soda makers. The Power flavor is enriched with vitamins B and C, and will supposedly give you more energy; a 375 ml. bottle, enough to prepare about 45 glasses, is NIS 12.90. Olivia has new salads consisting of vegetables mixed with yogurt or labane. The salads are spiced with za'atar, olive oil and garlic and taste quite yummy and refreshing. The three varieties are eggplant in labane, eggplant in yogurt and pepper in labane; a 250 gr. container is NIS 12.49. Elite has new chocolate cakes and brownies prepared with Elite chocolate. The three new cakes are rich chocolate cake (NIS 13.85), chocolate-coffee brownies and rich chocolate brownies (both 15.90). A cool drink to quench your thirst this summer when watching, for example, the European Champion soccer games is Tuborg Lemons, a summer edition of Tuborg beer with a squirt of lemon. The beer contains 3.8% alcohol; a four-pack is NIS 29-32).