Nestle's new ice cream for the summer days is Dibs, little vanilla ice cream cubes with a chocolate cover.

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dibs nestle 88
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If you're buying frozen meat for your Independence Day barbecue, you should start defrosting it in the refrigerator about 48 hours before. Soglowek has a lot of frozen meats that are marked al ha'esh (on the grill) on the package; for example hamburgers (NIS 18 for 400 gr.), kebab (NIS 18 for 500 gr.), merguez sausages (NIS 22.50 for 500 gr.) or chicken on barbecue sticks (NIS 29.90 for 500 gr.). A large variety of salads are available to accompany your barbecue, and most brands have something made especially for the occasion. Tsabar combines the two favorites, humous and eggplant, and offers a humous salad with eggplant cubes (NIS 11-NIS 13 for 500 gr.). Tsabar also has an extra-large, 800-gr. container of humous, called humous mangal, at NIS 10.95 for 800 gr. Three new Ahla Mangal salads are humous with a spicy tomato sauce (NIS 14 for 500 gr.), spicy eggplant with coriander, and tehina with pepper and garlic (both NIS 14.86 for 500 gr). New gourmet salads by BeTa'am shel Tsvika are eggplant with tehina and eggplant deli, both sold at NIS 14 for 275 gr. A cold beer is a nice way to quench the thirst you'll get from eating all those spicy foods, and if you're having a lot of company, you can get a five-liter Heineken beer draft keg for NIS 140. The beer will stay good for 30 days (refrigerated) after opening the keg. If you prefer something lighter, you can try the new Goldstar Light, a dark lager containing 4 percent alcohol; a six-pack is NIS 30. Etz Hazayit has a new type of oil for cooking, frying and seasoning that combines olive oil and canola (rape seed) oil. This combination is called Zeitola, and is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids; a bottle is NIS 19.90. Nestle's new ice cream for the summer days is Dibs, little vanilla ice cream cubes with a chocolate cover. Dibs are a nice treat to hand out to your kids, and since the cubes are small, they don't have to eat a whole lot of ice cream at once; a family size container is NIS 24.90, and a small individual size container is NIS 7.90. For those with a more refined taste, the new Magnum ice creams will be a real treat; the new flavors are vanilla with a bitter chocolate cover, with 60 percent cocoa, and vanilla with a chocolate cover containing 36 percent selected cocoa. A single ice cream is NIS 7.80. Abadi has a series of Mizrahi cookies that are actually quite addictive. The series consists of sweet cookies with sesame, with coffee flavor, with anise flavor or with brown sugar; a 250-gr. bag is NIS 8.90-NIS 10.90. For the diet-minded, Strauss has new desserts containing only 99 calories a tub. The three available flavors are chocolate with chocolate mousse, white chocolate with chocolate mousse and chocolate-nougat with chocolate mousse; each tub is NIS 3. Tnuva also has some new light desserts, containing 0 percent fat and worth one point in the Weight Watchers point system; the new flavors are chocolate, vanilla and caramel. Each tub is NIS 2.85. Halva lovers can now enjoy a wide variety from Baraka - vanilla, with pistachio or with cocoa, and halva strings); the price for a container is NIS 14. And those who like to spread the halva on their sandwich can try the Ahva halva spread, rich in iron and calcium; a 400-gr. container is NIS 10.50-NIS 11.50.