Dov Moran

Dov Moran

Dov Moran is the Managing Partner of Grove Ventures and one of the most prominent Israeli hi-tech leaders in the world: An investor, inventor and entrepreneur best known as the inventor of the USB flash drive.

Moran founded M-Systems, acquired by SanDisk for 1.6 billion USD in 2006. He served as the chairman of Tower Semiconductors, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits, in which he led a massive overhaul: Under Moran’s guidance, the company achieved a notable turnaround and became an enormous success.

Today, he is the Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, a leading early-stage venture capital investment firm which places significant emphasis on deep technology and partners with exceptional Israeli entrepreneurs.

Moran was awarded with multiple prizes, including Ernst & Young’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, the prestigious ‘Edward Rheine’ award, the ‘Johnson Information Storage Systems’ award and the ‘Netexplo Talent of the Year’ award.

He holds Honorary Doctorates from Israel's Academic Center of Law & Science, the Moscow State Technical University and the Technion - the Israeli Institute of Technology. Moran is also the author of the book ‘100 Doors - An Intro to Entrepreneurship’ .

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