Emily Schrader

Emily Schrader

The author is the founder of Social Lite Creative, a political marketing consultancy firm. Emily is also the former digital director of one of the largest pro-Israel organizations, where she transformed their social media platforms into one of the leading sources of information in English and Arabic about the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Emily previously worked in digital marketing on political campaigns, and holds degrees from USC (BA) and Tel Aviv University (MA).

Social media’s bomb of hate goes TikTok

Tzipi Livni takes the podium at a press conference announcing her resignation from politics

Women leaders absent from parties ahead of Israel's elections

KOBE BRYANT flanked by his attorneys Pamela Mackey and Harold Haddon pleads not guilty at the arraig

The inconvenient woman


You can’t be a feminist and not be a Zionist

GRAVES DESECRATED with swastikas are seen at the Jewish cemetery in Westhoffen, France.

Jews should define antisemitism

IRONICALLY, ALTERNATIVES to a two-state solution don’t necessarily provide any sort of protection fr

The demonization of the two-state solution

ONE OUT OF four women in the Arab community have faced verbal or physical violence in the past year.

Why do the majority of gender-based murders happen in the Arab community?

Love on the internet

The descent of dialogue

Democratic US congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib before Election Day in Michigan, 2018.

Why Tlaib’s social media comments make a difference


What starts online... never stays there

al jazeera

Qatar’s cynical PR strategy: AJ+


Holocaust denial in the Arab world

Avera Mengistu

Where is the outrage? Free Avera Mengistu!


Reckoning day for the Women's March

A protester holds a Palestinian flag as he runs during clashes with Israeli troops

The rage behind the tweets: Rejection of Jewish rights

Regensburg’s Neupfarrplatz

Well-intentioned antisemitism


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