Karma Feinstein-Cohen

Karma Feinstein-Cohen is the Executive Director of World Magshimey-Herut and World Herut which she founded in 1999. Since then, Ms. Feinstein Cohen has worked tirelessly to advance the movements goals both worldwide and in Israel. Long committed to the ideology of Ze'ev Jabotinsky, she previously served in various leadership positions within Betar for over eleven years. After serving as the Education Coordinator for Betar Israel and as the Regional Coordinator for the Settlement Region, Ms. Feinstein-Cohen became Head of the Overseas Dept. for World Betar Executive and then Treasurer in 1994. Through the WZO, she headed up the "Manof" program run by the department of "youth and halutz" in the WZO and worked as a short-term shaliach in 1996 and 1997. She also operated as the co-chair for the council of World Zionist youth movements (1998-2000). Ms. Feinstein-Cohen moved to Israel from New Jersey with her family when she was 11. After serving in the Israeli army, she received her B.A. in political economics from Tel Aviv University and is currently working on her Masters degree in the same field. She now lives in Shaarey Tikva with her husband and two children.

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