Noam Rotenberg‏

Noam Rotenberg

Noam Rotenberg is a shadow writer for the Jerusalem Post. He specializes in intelligence and Middle East affairs.

Exclusive: Hamas operatives fear entering tunnels, believe Israel behind collapses

Lebanese mourners hold portraits of Lebanese militant Samir Kantar during his funeral procession

Samir Kuntar: ‘Resistance hero’ or sex monster?

Ismail Haniyeh talks to his supporters during a Hamas rally in Gaza City

Report from Gaza: Haniyeh's daughter cheated on husband after suffering domestic abuse

Khaled Meshaal

Intelligence sources assess: Mashaal asks Erdogan to let key terrorist operate from Turkey

Gaza City

Exclusive: Hamas bombed Fatah officials' homes and faked ISIS claim of responsibility

Hamas Operative

Exclusive: Hamas threatened UNRWA personnel at gun-point during Gaza war


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