Ruthie Blum

Ruthie Blum

Ruthie Blum is the author of the book "To Hell in a Handbasket: Carter, Obama, and the 'Arab Spring.'" A former senior editor at the Jerusalem Post, she is currently a political affairs columnist for Israel Hayom. Originally from New York, she has been living in Israel since 1977.
Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu view th Balfour Declaration at the British Library

Right from wrong: The Palestinians’ war on the Balfour Declaration

israel passport

Right From Wrong: A passport for disaster

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s ‘foreign intervention’ hypocrisy

Obama and Netanyahu

Right From Wrong: Puppet mastery and the Jews

President Rivlin with PA President Abbas

Right from Wrong: Peres’s funeral, Abbas’s hypocrisy

Obama and Netanyahu

The long-overdue good-bye

ISRAELI NOVELIST Amos Oz sits next to French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy

It takes a Judas to know one

Memorial 9/11

Coming full circle on 9/11

Kerry China

RIGHT FROM WRONG: Kerry’s ruffled ostrich feathers

US President Barack Obama (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama’s behavior toward Israel is not Netanyahu’s fault

A Palestinian Hamas militant takes part in a rally

All Hamas’s hard work

Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas’ latest jaw-droppers

AMERICANS attend a protest on behalf of three teens murdered by Palestinians in 2014.

Right from Wrong: Red flags and anti-Semitism in America

SUMMER FUN in Gaza. A Palestinian rappels down from a building during a Hamas-run summer camp that b

Hamas and Erdogan’s funny definition of democracy

A PALESTINIAN woman paints a mural in support of Palestinians committing stabbing attacks against Is

Where is the outcry from Western feminists?

Mahmoud Abbas

Right from Wrong: Abbas’ Muslim holiday attack on the Quartet


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