Brian Blum

Brian Blum


Brian Blum is a freelance writer, journalist and editor. He works for an eclectic mix of newspapers, online magazines, universities, non-profit organizations and public companies. "This Normal Life," his personal blog, has appeared weekly since 2002. A former hi-tech entrepreneur, Brian moved to Jerusalem from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994 with his wife and three children. More at Blum Interactive Media

Worry can become toxic

Is it possible to choose wonder over worry?

Mahane Yehuda market reopens after coronavirus restrictions had it shut down for the most part

In the uncertainty of coronavirus, can we calculate risks?

WHEN 9/11 happened, it was difficult to foresee the far-reaching changes the attack would wreak.

How will the world change after COVID-19?


Coronavirus Passover Seder calculations


Preparing for death as the coronavirus looms

RESIDENTS HOLD placards (this one reads ‘No to corona’) as they demonstrate against a report that Is

Is Jewish ‘fear of the other’ driving Israel’s response to coronavirus?


Art meets room in new Tel Aviv hotel

PATIENCE IS something I have traditionally had little of.’ (TNS)

When it comes to health, ‘patience is a virtue’

Iceland Blue Lagoon geothermal spa

What's on your travel bucket list?

THE FLU was my cherry on top of an already unpalatable series of unfortunate events.

This Normal Life: Foiled by the flu

The writer’s book, Totaled: The Billion-Dollar Crash of the Startup that Took on Big Auto, Big Oil a

One-eyed bowling - life after cancer treatment

What’s really happening on American college campuses today

What’s really happening on American college campuses today

WILL FINDING out my bone marrow biopsy results allow me to be happier in the long run? Or will it pl

Denial or bad news: which is preferable?


Cancer talk: ‘You’re not sick enough’

‘THAT SAID, the final chord of Jacob’s Ladder has yet to be played.’ (TNS)

Did climate change kill the Jacob’s Ladder music festival?

SEPARATE BUT equal? Mechitza of Chesed-El Synagogue, Singapore

Why I can no longer daven in an Orthodox synagogue


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