When the Arab spring began and spread to Syria one could see the uptick in casualties in the civilian population there.  As the conflict spread and intensified I began to wonder what the world would do.  Casualties and deaths kept mounting to the tune of 100,000 with no end in site and only signs of deepening catastrophes.  I asked the question among those I chatted with, "What IS the threshold the world would tolerate before intervention was demanded?  Unfortunately, as we saw in the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, Syria with ISIS there and Iraq, and the Balkans; the threshold isn't even considered important until at least over 200,000 are murdered and countless more maimed.  And, the irony is, the worlds solution was to inflict even more damage to civilians, damage that could have been avoided with severe international pressure immediately and strongly imposed.  The worth of a civilization correlates directly with how all citizens are treated.  The fear of judgement shouldn't be the power that inhibits us from action.  Rather, the fear of judgement should be the power that drives us to do the right thing - always.  In spite of thousands of years of human history, somehow, that notion of existence was either lost, or, never yet developed in our awareness.  We might as well be the gerbil trying to get to the far end of the cage, only we're stuck on the exercise wheel going nowhere fast.  Like the gerbil, perhaps there'll come a time when we too are too tired to continue with that insanity!