Anti-Semitism Rising

Looking Back
The hatred of Jews began centuries ago, but it wasn’t until 1879, in the modern era, that a German journalist named Wilhelm Marr coined the term “anti-Semitism.” He became known as the “father of anti-Semitism.” Marr founded an organization called the League of Anti-Semites. He and his followers believed (and promoted) that the Jews were the reason for all of Europe’s troubles. As his writings were published, anti-Jewish hostility was steadily growing in many countries across Europe.
One hundred years before the Holocaust, a man named Heinrich Heine, a German-Jewish poet, made this seemingly prophetic statement, "Wherever books are burned, human beings are destined to be burned too.” In 1927, Mein Kampf which means, “My Struggle” was published. The writer was a high school drop-out named Adolf Hitler. In 1933, the Nazis began the removal of Jewish intellectuals from German universities in what they called the “cleansing process”, starting with Heidelberg University. Anti-Jewish sentiment increased as was evident in many European countries, starting with France and Germany. In March, 1933, mobs of Nazi gangs began terrorizing Jewish communities. By April of that same year, the Nazi Party began an economic boycott of Jewish businesses. BOYCOTT became a tool in the hands of the Nazis to purge Jews from all of Germany. By May, Jewish books and the books of Jewish sympathizers were torched in Berlin. They were deemed “not German enough.” November 9, 1938 vicious attacks took place throughout Germany. It was called “Kristallnacht, the “Night of Broken Glass.” It was a coordinated effort by the Nazis, carried out by the Storm Troopers and Hitler Youth, known as Assault Detachments.
SANCTIONS were put in place to punish the Jewish people for being Jewish. Part of the Nazi strategy was the rapid economic, social and political separation of the Jews from German life. Poland was the next to fall under the Third Reich. The pogroms continued Hitler’s plan for extermination of the Jews was called “The Final Solution”. The first concentration camp was Dachau located near Munich. From there the Holocaust spread rapidly, from labor camps and concentration camps to death camps.
Today In the last month the following serious anti-Semitic incidents have taken place, pointing to a shocking but familiar pattern. Greece – Neo-Nazis have desecrated Jewish cemeteries with swastikas and continue to paint graffiti saying “Juden Raus” which is German for “Jews Get Out” photos/ Croatia – Culture minister denies that the Holocaust ever happened. Sweden – Holocaust denial flyers were given out on Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Sweden – Malmö is a city well known for anti-Semitism. Jews are afraid to go to certain areas in Sweden unescorted by police. In October 2015, two members of the Swedish parliament were involved in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Malmö, in which people shouted anti-Semitic slogans and praised the current Palestinian knife attacks against Israeli Jews.
The Jewish community center in Malmo is heavily fortified, with security doors and barrier posts outside to prevent car bombs. Malmo-made-me-quit-says-The-Bridge-actor.html
Australia - “We will consider it a success when Jewish people no longer exist and all that remains is a vibrant, multicultural and diverse populace.”
Quoted from The Macquarie University White Student Union. It was posted on Facebook but later taken down. consider-it-a-success-when-jewish-people-no-longer-exist/
Belgium – Amnesty International sponsored an event in which Dyab Abou Jahjah was a speaker. He is a collaborator with the terror group Hezbollah and denies the Holocaust. celebrated-911-denied-holocaust-bashed-gays-and-jews
Germany – Jewish gravestones ripped out of the ground at Kropelin, Germany. milan/
Germany – Small brass memorials used to remember Holocaust victims were damaged. Similar acts of violence were carried out in Berlin, Dresden and other towns in Germany. berlin-germany/
England – On the London Underground two victims were allegedly called “F***ing Jews” by a person, who was described as Muslim. Other passengers ignored what was taking place. Why-did-nobody-stand-up-for-him.html
Austria – "It is plausible that the release of several thousand people from the Mauthausen concentration camp presented a burden for the affected areas of Austria," so said a prosecutor in the city of Graz. He called the Jews a “criminal plague”. nazi-idUKKCN0VJ2II
Italy – At a kosher restaurant in Milan, a Jew was stabbed multiple times. milan/
New York: Assailant yells “I am tired of Jews” as he punches Israeli man on the way to synagogue. jews/
New York – Anti-Semitic video in Rockland County, NY shown to high school students, calls Jews violent extremists. It has since been discontinued. Semitic-video-shown-at-New-York-high-school-discontinued-444087
In addition, several main-line Christian churches have made the decision to consider DIVESTMENT from multi-national corporations that do business with Israel. Among them are the Presbyterian, the United Church of Christ and Methodist churches, as well as the World Council of Churches, the Church of England and the United Church of Canada.
There are many more examples of Jew-hatred from the desecration of religious sites to attacks on human beings that can be found throughout Europe, the US, and other countries.
Meanwhile in Israel, the Palestinian leaders are encouraging violent knife attacks against Jewish civilians of all ages, including the elderly and young children, or parents of small children driving in their cars. We also see continued rocket launching from Gaza into Israeli cities. One would think there would be greater outrage about the promotion of hate and violence by the Palestinian leadership. Instead, we frequently see justification of barbaric attacks as the “only tool that can be used by Palestinians.” How about simple negotiations with Israel? It is indeed extraordinary, how quickly the world has forgotten how hatred mounts and can actually achieve acts of indescribable evil, as it did during the Holocaust, one of the darkest times in human history. The silence was deafening then, and it is deafening now.
“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”
― Winston Churchill