BDS can never lead to peace

The BDS movement is nothing more than an organized breeding ground for rising anti-Semitism. Their activists fuel hatred of Israel and Jews worldwide. For those who do not believe this, they might want to look at recent events. Hitler posters and propaganda are found not only among neo-Nazis, white supremacists and KKK members, but at far too many universities, schools and study centers across the United States and Europe. Jewish gravestones are being defaced and destroyed in Germany and Poland. In UK, Jews are being assaulted on the streets. Anti-Jewish hatred is being promoted in gatherings large and small, across the United States. These events and despicable acts are encouraged under the umbrella of the boycott movement against Israel, more commonly known as BDS.
Let’s look at some of the facts:
Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement, and people aligned with him, continue to promote the hatred of Israel.  He gives supposed “reasons” why apartheid is to be found in Israel.  He continues to hurl accusation after accusation at what he knows is taken out of context and is exaggeration at best.  Barghouti not only says “We oppose a Jewish State”1 but goes on to say he will never concede to a two-state solution. He is very clear about the fact that he wants a Palestinian state instead of Israel.  
There is family history behind this. Omar Barghouti is a cousin of Mustafa Barghouti, who ran against current Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. He is also related to Marwan Barghouti who is serving time in prison for terrorist activity against Israelis. The relationship of the Barghouti family with the al-Husseini family is legendary. Yasser Arafat (real name is Abd al-Rahman abd al-Bauf Arafat al-Qud al-Husseini) met Haj Amin al-Husseini when he was seventeen and became an ardent ideological follower. Al-Husseini (whose family origins claim to date back to Mohammed) later became known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the political and religious leader of the Palestinian Arabs. On November 28, 1941, the Mufti met with Adolf Hitler in Berlin. In 1942, al-Husseni met with Adolf Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler to discuss and plan for the annihilation of all Jews throughout the Middle East, in the same way that Hitler was doing in Europe.2  That is the history of Yasser Arafat, who incidentally, was born in Egypt (not Israel, Gaza or the West Bank).  
The role of the Mufti in creating hate and divisiveness cannot be underestimated, as he and his pro-Nazi cohorts distributed leaflets and broadcast radio programs promoting venomous, dangerous propaganda.  He said, “The world will never be at peace until the Jewish race is exterminated… The Jews are the germs which have caused all the trouble in the world.”3 He was declared “Fuhrer of the Arabic World”4 by the Nazis. Even after the Third Reich fell, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, headed by Hassan al Banna, welcomed the Grand Mufti and celebrated his involvement with the Nazis. This was happening at the same time the Muslim Brotherhood was violently attacking Egyptian Jews. Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel and was later assassinated by the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood.  
Mahmoud Abbas, at a speech he gave in 2013, praised the relationship of the Grand Mufti and Hitler.5 Abbas is one who speaks of peace with Israel out of one side of his mouth and out of the other he praises Palestinian terrorist activity and calls them martyrs.  Barghouti follows in his footsteps and espouses the same thing. Given the historical background of Barghouti, it is clear there is a legacy of anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred and his goal is to displace the State of Israel.
Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine are two organizations that openly endorse the boycott movement and Omar Barghouti. “Barghouti wrote that the “BDS National Committee (BNC)… sees JVP as an important ally in the U.S.” Further, Barghouti was listed as a featured speaker at JVP’s 2013 National Member Meeting.6 In 2015, Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area and Cal Students for Justice in Palestine both sponsored Omar Barghouti as a speaker at UC Berkeley.7
The peace and justice community demands peace, but they are being led astray by those involved in the BDS movement and their agenda to replace Israel. When hate and violence are injected into every facet of Palestinian society, and daily terrorist attacks on innocent civilians are happening throughout Israel, there cannot be peace. As long as incitement from Hamas and Abbas is encouraged there cannot be peace. And where there is anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism there will never be justice.
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