Media accuracy and unbiased reporting must be enforced

Media accuracy and unbiased reporting must be enforced


It seems the Media cannot regulate itself to present a true and honest reporting.

Responsible and honest reporting has been replaced with ambiguous confusing and illusory news reports, with no regard to the consequences.  Facts and sources are not properly verified and an inaccurate unsubstantiated news story gets released to the public, that may cause substantial harm.

What has happened to ethics in Journalism? Has Social Media added a new dimension to honest reporting? Can we overcome distorted Social Media for accuracy? How can we verify instant Social Media images from being photo-shopped? Can we impose responsible Social Media without affecting the freedom of speech?

Whether we like it or not,  the masses are influenced by the Media, could you imagine how children and young adults absorb the Media hype, regardless weather it is truth or illusion. The damage is long term and may not be reversible. Children are very impressionable, they think what they see on TV emulate real life, which we know is distorted and make believe, they carry these illusions as reality which affects their future adversely.

The Media reporting must be neutral, unbiased, balanced, objective and impartial. Violators should be subject to fines and criminal charges if people suffer due to intentional distortion of reports or intentionally slanted to deceive or promote favoritism that escalates into violence and or cause harm and or financial loss.

When a Media outlet intentionally distorts and misinforms the news and events, it should forfeit the right to free speech and free press and face the music.

In the past decades Media outlets have expanded the creation of sensationalism to promote readership and revenues. These types of reports many times intentionally distorts the facts and true dimension of the report. Thus creating more dissention and crisis that leads to violence and death.

It seems that the Media today has no emotion, no compassion. Much of the news is choreographed for the sake of sensationalism and rating. Which comes down to dollars and financial gain. Society today is so hungry for money, power, instant gratification and glamour.

Is there a chance of going back to honor, honesty, integrity and fighting for truth and justice the old American way. Overcoming false showmanship and artificial presentation. Broadcasting truth and reality, thereby regaining public trust in the Media?

This very same rebuke and standards must be applied to our elected government officials.

A change for the better must be initiated and it must start at the top.

YJ Draiman

P.S. “The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover and keeping us in a uproar.”