Heads Up! Death Star! Why We May Soon Worry (Relatively) Less about Iranian Nukes

On Friday evening, July 31, the night of a rare “blue moon,” several brilliant lights streaked across the sky in northern Iran, exploding mightily on impact, shaking the ground, causing fire, creating panic.

Was it an Israeli warning strike? A misfired nuclear test?

The next day it became clear: Iran had been struck by meteoroids. Videos showed locals holding a black rock less than a meter across.  There were reports of several such strikes.  Earlier in the afternoon, eastern Iran was struck by an earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale.  But these were not the Iranians’ only problems: the whole country was sweltering under an unprecedented sustained heat wave described as apocalyptic, with a temperature of 46 C. (115 F.), reportedly the second highest such reading on Earth in human history. 46 people died in Egypt from the heat yesterday.

Heavenly warnings? Harbingers of doom? Well, maybe . But Iranians are not the only ones facing a chaotic climate – earth, seas, and air – acting erratic, to a degree never before experienced by humanity in recorded history.  Extremes temperatures, violent storms, powerful earthquakes. Something is wrong.

The politicians describe a planetary crisis.  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, speaking at the Brookings Institute on May 14, 2014, dramatically announced:  “We are – all of you know it – on the edge of a climatic abyss,” and used similar phrasing at the White House and in France’s parliament. We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” The precision of his warning was striking: we usually perceive climate issues as gradual and incremental. What was going to happen in mid-September 2015?   

500 days brings you to the Jewish day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, September 23-24, 2015 to be exact. Weather prediction, arguably, has improved in recent years but 500 days out is a bit far out.

The only things that can be predicted so far in advance are man-made events and celestial events.

As Jews worldwide pray, Obama and the Pope are scheduled to meet at the White House on that day.

The mystically-minded were quick to point out that the period was already loaded with significant events: the end of the Jewish Shmittah year and the beginning of the new Jewish Year on September 13, with the appearance of the last in a rare series of blood moons, so named because of the red hue that the lunar face takes on when at its perigee – closest point – to planet Earth.

The politically minded drew attention to the massive movements of troops and military equipment across North America, the setting up of huge FEMA camps, the appropriate of Walmart and Target stores.   Throughout Europe, in Russia, and in China, unusual mass exercises were conducted.  Some suspect that there is a plan to impose martial law and confiscate the weapons of “dissidents.”

Obama, in recent speeches, hinted at a vastly expanded role of the military in dealing with climate-related disasters. He spoke of mass casualty events involving water.  Odd, this fear of water, since floods are not usually so predictable. And disaster relief is not the usual province of military activity.

What can account for these unusual but undeniably massive “climate chaos” preparations?  Earth in recent years has been facing more and more intruders – comets and meteors -- with increasing pace and unpredictable orbits. In 2013 an untracked meteoroid, coming from the direction of the sun, exploded over Chelyabinsk Siberia, causing a 500 kiloton explosion that injured 1500 and damaged 7400 buildings. It released energy 20 to 30 times the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Luckily the rock landed beneath the ice of a frozen lake.  If it would have hit a populated area or caused a tsunami, the results could have been catastrophic. Just sixteen hours later, an asteroid twice as large missed earth by a mere 17,200 miles: that is, by a celestial hair.

Elenin was dubbed the Doomsday Comet but it decomposed and just missed Earth by 22,000 miles in 2011. Comet Ison, believed to be several miles across, appeared suddenly in 2012 and raced around the sun but melted and fell apart when it reached perihelion around Thanksgiving 2013. Scientist say that something is affecting the behavior of asteroids, comets, and other objects in our solar system. NASA Director Amy Maizen admits there is a “large object” that is not among the outer planets.

In April an emergency response “exercise” was conducted during the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) 2015 Planetary Defense Conference in Frascati, Italy focusing on a “hypothetical” event of a meteor hitting the earth.

NASA is cooperating with the Nuclear Security Administration on the possible use of nuclear weapons to prevent incoming impacts on Earth. As the New York Times reported in June, the goal would be to explode a nuke near an incoming object so that if would avoid the earth.   This followed a $79 million mission in 2009 to drop a bomb into a crater on the moon, ostensibly to reveal the existence of water.

Hollywood has been way ahead of the government: Armageddon and Deep Impact, both from 1998, told the tale of manned missions to intercept and nuke incoming meteors.  More recent movies, such as 2012, described the effect of a pole shift on planet Earth. In a pole shift, the gravitational pull of other planets cause earth to stop spinning and either flip or rotate, with the arctic icecap relocated on the equator and tropical Brazil becoming the new north pole.  The effect on oceans and continents would be an ELE: an extinction level event. In the movie, of course, the elites and a few lucky lottery winners get to escape the rising floods and go sailing over the Himalayas in the equivalent of a modern Noah’s Ark.

It was just a movie, right?  Despite Mayan prophecies, 2012 came and went without our poles shifting.

In a 1996 episode of the comedy TV show Third Rock from the Sun, an enlightened alien in human guise, Dick Solomon (played unforgettably by John Lithgow) addresses the high school class he teaches: And yet everyone on the planet gets all worked up about these pointless little behaviors, blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015 which obviously doesn't exist because I'm kidding. “ 

This year’s Superbowl featured a spot depicting “climate chaos” of the kind that would result from a pole-shift and asteroid strike – all caused by God’s cellphone running out of batteries.

But all kidding aside: what if these accumulating extreme phenomena, these extraordinary preparations, these catastrophic war-gaming and programming – what if they were based on something that has already happened, and that is happening at this very moment?  What if a dense dark non-reflecting dwarf star -- still dwarfing the diameter of earth -- circled by smaller spheres, has quiet intruded into the inner portion of our solar system, spinning the placid smiling face of the moon, ejecting junk that it has dragged from beyond the outer edge of the solar system, approaching our orbital path? It was just as scientists like Robert Harrington, then head of the US Naval Observatory, had anticipated, here is a conversation with Immanuel Velikovsky, the controversial writer and researcher who deduced a collision of worlds based on the archaeological and historical record and expressed concern that every 3600 years the intruder would return.

And what if this unwelcome guest lodged itself near our sun and started tugging on the inner planets – Mercury, Venus, and Earth -- heating up our oceans and shaking continents and peeling off our crust with its powerful gravitational pull? What if its course has been plotted exactly and is crossings paths with our blue-green world in weeks or months, a gigantic set of wrecking balls wreaking havoc: flipping our planet’s poles and causing diluvian flooding, massive meteor storms, smashing of continental plates and the likely extinction of much of our planet’s animal and plant life, or even, the explosion of our planet into a trillion little pieces, like the late great theorized planet Phaeton.

What if this evil reddish-brown dwarf, the dreaded Death Star Nemesis, dragging along orbiting spheres like Planet X – aka Nibiru – began to be photographed, sunrise and sunset, next to our own sun, by thousands of people and scientific webcams and observatories around the globe, looming closer and larger every day? Oy! It was supposed to take 28 million years for it return, and here it is on our doorstep? Couldn't it be fashionably late?

What if citizens deceived by this massive government cover-up get angry at their deceptive leaders and disrupt the plans of a self-appointed select few to try and escape Armageddon into climate-controlled bunkers funded by trillions of pilfered taxpayer dollars? What if they organized to protest being left out to die, or getting sent to FEMA camps surrounded by concertina wire?

Now doesn’t the prospect of a great vaporizing meteor make the spat between Obama and Bibi, not to mention Donald and Megyn, seem to pale in significance? To paraphrase Dick Solomon: Just kidding.

It’s all a conspiracy theory, after all. A hoax.  Obviously doesn’t exist. Just global warming. Nothing to see here. Keep moving.

I suggest sitting on your porch or yard this evening with a cool lemonade or a stiff drink. Enjoy the annual, (usually) harmless, Perseid meteor showers, which begin on these very warm summer nights.