The Rise of the Whigs

Betwixt major dissatisfaction amongst Americans with our political system, tens of millions of conservatives no longer associate with the Trumped-up GOP.  What has happened to Classical Liberalism, which advocated open markets, strong partnership with like-minded allies, free speech, balanced budgets, common-sense reforms and acceptance of all?  Such commendable qualities are no longer reconcilible with the party of Trump, and is spurring a major political realignment in America.  These disaffected Republicans, and millions of others, should go the way of the Whigs.

Leading politicians and public intellectuals such as David Frum, Richard Haass, Eliot Cohen, Max Boot (who wrote a Washington Post op-ed titled "If This is what Conservatism has Become, Count Me Out") Niall Ferguson, David Brooks (Who wrote a New York Times op-ed entitled "The End of the Two-Party System") , Ross Douthat, Laurence Kotlikoff, Adam Garfinkle, John Kasich (who also said the US could be witnessing the end of the two-party system), Jeff Flake, Michael Gerson, among many others, believe strongly in all of the qualities listed above, yet despise Trump.  They’re also certainly not Democrats.  By the transitive property, they're Whigs.  

Hallelujah!  We have an answer for Trump-hating Republicans; Vote Whig - they couldn't possibly be worse!

In America, Whig means any colonist who supported the American Revolution.  Whigs rose against the “Imperial Presidency” of Andrew Jackson in the 1830’s, resenting the his overstep of his constitutional bounds.  The Whig Party fell apart in the 1850’s dissolving into the Republicans.   


It’s a two-party system, and therefore in order for one party to ascend, another must descend.  


As the GOP descends into abyss under a mad tyrant who admires the likes of Jinping and Putin, the Whigs are once again rising.  This time, they’ve reemerged as the Modern Whig Party, formulated in 2007 by Afghanistan and Iraq veterans disgusted by the polarization over petty differences amongst Americans back home.  


To those serving overseas, the difference between true leadership, and mere punditry, is all too clear, and all too real, and they saw that Democrats and Republicans offer no comprehensive leadership.   


Leadership involves reconciling seemingly irreconciliable differences, and offering centrist, moderate, bipartisan solutions to our most pressing issues.  Most Americans actually want this, as 46% of us, and rising, now identify as independents.  


In 2020, we’re likely to see a political food fight between Trump and another polarizing figure such as Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris on the left.  This paves the way for a centrist unifier to steal the show.  


Neither Trump, Harris, Sanders, or worse yet, Oprah or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, truly understands the perilous condition our country is in, and what it will take to be saved.  


Take one instance: The Debt.  Some say it’s $20 trillion.  Others such as Whig economists Alan Auerbach and Laurence Kotlikoff estimate it to be $211 trillion, when calculating all of the governments future expenditures minus future revenues.  Regardless whose right, and I tend to agree with Auerbach and Kotlikoff,  it’s a lot of debt.  


In order to close this “Fiscal Gap”, we’d have to immediately and permanently raise taxes by 60%, or cut spending by 47%.  Every day we fail to do so, the % goes up.  


So when politicians insult the new tax bill for not being revenue neutral, they’re totally missing the point: America is dead broke, and we needed a bill that dramatically cut spending and increased revenues, as opposed to one that was merely revenue neutral.  


Yet the Republicans, the so called “Fiscal Conservatives” (in name only) passed a bill that will expode out debt-to-GDP ratio.  


If we do nothing, and stay the course, as both major parties propose, we are headed for a crisis.  As LBJ foretold in 1968 “If we wait for the problems to become acute and obvious, then everyone will be ready to act.  By then, the tasks could well be much harder.”


If neither party will do anything but increase the deficit, and by the transitive property send us hurdling toward a crisis, than what are the “Fiscal Conservatives” and millions of other rational Americans, to do? 


Support the Modern Whig Party, the only party with a comprehensive set of plans (The Purple Plans) to cut not only our deficit, but our entire debt!

It may take a while for disgruntled Republicans to go through the various stages of grieving, and realize that their Grand Old Party is dead and gone, highjacked by an authoritarian billionaire who gives not one iota about anyone but himself.   When they realize this, they'll nowhere else to turn but to the Modern Whig Party.  
The Whigs are once again back to rescue our country, and restore public liberty.  
So what are we waiting for?