A Jewish Family Was Slaughtered, Where Is Your Moral Compass?

It made me sick to my stomach when I saw the despicable results done at the hands of a Muslim terrorist, butchering 3 members of a Jewish family that were together to celebrate Shabbat and the arrival of a new grandchild.
A Jewish mother had to bury her husband, son and daughter; they were slaughtered in front of her eyes while the wife of her son was upstairs with her 5 young children. 
She had no choice but to listen to the horrendous screams of her family being murdered, not knowing if the terrorist would come for her and her children, she was staying in a room where the door could not be locked.
Their home was turned into a slaughterhouse, and all of Israel is crying with this family. We are deeply heartbroken, but at the same time, completely outraged. How many more families will needlessly die simply for being Jews?
The Muslim terrorist who committed this heinous act, was because of the alleged "situation with The Al Aqsa!" (The mosque on the Temple Mount)
Well, the situation with the Al Aqsa is that the Arabs are occupying the holiest place in the entire world for the Jewish people, and now they have turned it into a battle zone of violence and hate.
They have huge gatherings where they display posters of terrorists, and wave PLO, Hamas and ISIS flags while screaming “death to the Jews!”
They brought weapons onto the Temple Mount, so they could storm out and execute two Israeli police officers, and then flee back into the compound. 
The hypocrisy in all of this is the entire Muslim world in an uproar because the Israeli government responded to these killings by placing metal detectors at all entrances to the Temple Mount, while asking why they should they do that.
For many years, ALL non-Muslim visitors have to go through metal detectors and have their bags checked before entering the Temple Mount. So, why on earth should Muslims be excluded from that, especially since they are the once bringing the guns? Such reasoning defies any common sense.
Instead, we have seen riots every day for a week because the Muslims are refusing to go through the metal detectors to enter the Temple Mount. 
They allege that passing through a metal detector changes the “status quo,” and complain that it is embarrassing to go through them; what a bunch of crybabies! Since when does a treaty of peace give license for murder?
The real reason is this: I believe they are planning to bring a lot more weapons onto the Temple Mount. They want a stockpile there for attacking the police and the Jewish people from deep within Jerusalem, and for that reason they are against having the metal detectors.
Remember back to 12 years ago next month, when Israel forced all the Jewish people out of Gaza and handed it over to the Arabs? What happened? Gaza became a launching pad for thousands of rockets! Now, Muslims and Arabs are demanding the same for the Temple Mount.
Why are these Muslims going so crazy and are willing to die "defending" the Al Aqsa? Why do they kill Israeli policemen and grandfathers because of the Al Aqsa? Why do innocent women, children and families end up slaughtered?
It is because the Temple Mount is the only thing they claim to "have" in Jerusalem. Their battle for the Holy City centers on their efforts to create a capital for a madeup nation, “Palestine,” a fantasy that will never happen.
They are "fighting for" a battle to repossess all of east Jerusalem and then for all of Israel, and take over the Holy Land, this is no secret to anyone. And if you understand Islam at all, eventually they want to rule the entire world!
The sight of seeing the Temple Mount and Israel be nothing more than a base for advancing the Muslim agenda turns my stomach sour. What makes me even sicker to my stomach is watching how the mainstream media reports what is happening there.
Putting a parallel of moral equivalence between the horrendous slaughter of 3 family members sitting in their own home celebrating a new grandson, and 3 Muslim rioters in the street who attacked Israeli police officers is obscene.
So, SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU for not seeing the difference, what a mockery this is to the family who was slaughtered! 
You are trampling on their graves with your disgusting reporting, with the utterly false notion that these innocent souls deserved such a barbaric end to their lives! 
How can you even compare the two situations, while saying there are people killed on both sides, like it can be compared with equal concern? This family died simply for being Jews, the 3 Arabs died for endangering lives in a riot!
The entire world should be outspoken in condemning these horrific acts, and the mainstream media should have made a news story about this Jewish family that was LITERALLY butchered by a Muslim terrorist! 
To justify his actions in connecting them as the reason for a story that began with the riots in Jerusalem over metal detectors on the Temple Mount is outrageous! Where in the world is your moral compass?
And the killing will continue if the Israeli Government doesn't start to fight fire with fire! You do not back down to politics, pressure, madness, mayhem or riots! 
The Muslims have declared that the battle for the Temple Mount is obviously on, so we must respond and do what is right!
It is outrageous that Jewish people, and myself as a Christian, are routinely thrown off the Temple Mount for the alleged “heinous criminal act” of saying a prayer to the God of Israel, and Christians whose birthright is from Israel. 
What are you hiding, when you oppose me for reporting live to the world what is going on there on the Temple Mount? Your opposition judges you, not me.
And all the while, these Muslims are taking guns up there every Friday after Friday, and fill the Jewish Holy site with 100,000 people who are glorifying terrorists with their blood lust to kill all Jewish people off the face of the earth.
When a Muslim terrorist attacks the Jews, it's a well-paid job. The more Jews you kill, the more money you and your family gets. And while you do this, you are celebrated like a hero, as if Jews are treated the same as vermin to be exterminated. It’s simply disgusting, immoral and a true abomination to God.
After this heinous terror attack and slaughter of these 3 family members, the Muslims living in Gaza flocked out into the streets to celebrate their deaths; this is so unbelievably cruel and wicked!
And now this terrorist is receiving treatment at an Israeli hospital by Israeli doctors and nurses. He is all smiles about that, knowing that if he can return to health and home, he can fight another day, and maybe do even worse!
All of this has to stop, this cannot continue! Israel has to stop playing the diplomatic hand of politeness and nicety, just to please the world, nor upset the Muslim world that is so seemingly susceptible to offense. One might think they are offended easier than all of humanity does with the common cold!
They are already more than offended, the ball is rolling and they will continue with even greater strength to commit horrific attacks against Jewish families if Israel doesn't start taking the necessary step to secure their people’s safety.
Israel, this is your God-given nation, no man-made lie of this false state called “Palestine,” or the despicable lie of “occupation” will change that. You protect what is yours and fight for it! 
One thing is obvious: since it is clear the enemies of Israel haven't learned from history, they will soon learn again that when you take on Israel, you are taking on the God of Israel. Every nation and civilization that did so, perished!
You have one side of this battle zone that values life, righteousness, truth and light, and you have the other side that celebrates death, destruction, lies and darkness! If we are true to our humanity, we cannot accept this brutality!
It really isn't that hard to see which one is which, if you truly want to see it.
Enough of the lies and justifying these false narratives for the sake of selling a story, your moral compass should guide you to stand for life!
As the Jewish people say, “L’Chaim,” “To Life!”
And just as I'm about to upload my blog here, news is breaking that the metal detectors are coming down, mark my words it will only get worse from here.
You DO NOT give into terrorism and riots, you do not cave to pressure from people that wants to kill you and your children.
This is simply unbelievable!