Divine appointments in Jerusalem.

I wholeheartedly believe that all of us are created unique with great potentials and assignments on this earth, and God uses other people to direct your path and encourage you when you need it.   
Something happened to me recently that confirmed that God truly uses people in my life to affirm my life and work in Israel, and it is such an astounding testimony, I want to share it with you!
Back in 2009 I was on sick leave in Denmark receiving laser treatments for severe sunburns in my face to prevent skin cancer, and I was crying out to God saying: "What is my destiny? What do you want me to do with my life? What is it about Israel and me that I feel you have spoken about? What does it mean that you confirmed that my place is in Israel? How do I—in a practical way—go about this?"
A book was placed in my hands written by a Danish lady called Lydia Prince called Appointment in Jerusalem, so I sat on my couch and didn't get up until I had finished that entire book with tears running down my face!
Lydia was born in 1890 in North Jutland, at the northern tip of Denmark, only 1 hour and 15 min from my home town. 
Lydia became a teacher in the state school system of Denmark and was a pioneer in the field of home economics. By 1925, she had obtained a post as director of home economics in a large new school in the town of Korsor. While seeking more meaning for her life, she started reading the Bible and had a personal faith in God. She was having dreams about men in back clothes and black hats but didn't know who they were until someone told her the men had to be Jews.
She prayed a lot about that and became convinced that God was asking her to give up her position as a teacher and go to Jerusalem in the tumultuous days before Israel became a nation.
In October 1928, at the age of thirty-eight, she set out for Jerusalem with about $200 in traveler's checks, no one to support her, and no idea of what she was to do when she arrived. (Sounds just a bit like Jane Kiel)
She soon established herself in Israel and founded a children's home, becoming the cherished "mother" to dozens of orphans—mainly girls, eight of whom became her own children. She later married famous speaker Derek Prince. She stepped out in faith, walking into unknown territories in Israel. She lived here during the war up until Israel’s rebirth in 1948. You can read about her in the famous book, Appointment in Jerusalem.
God used the testimony of Lydia Prince to speak to me about leaving everything behind, I had several encounters about going to Israel, and I dared to step out and travel alone, like Lydia, to come and comfort God’s people in Israel.
Then something incredible happened: Would you believe Lydia Prince’s daughter, little baby Tikva—who in that book was placed in Lydia’s arms to bee nourished back to life, nearly dying of a fever—that woman is alive and just happened to watch one of my videos on my Facebook page called: Israel, One Nation!
It’s a video I filmed at a cemetery in Jerusalem that I had stumbled into one day. I found myself standing at Derek Prince’s gravesite—so I made a video speaking about what a huge impact Lydia Prince has had on my life. I told how her story encouraged and helped me to step out in faith and leave everything and everyone behind in Denmark.
I shared about how I came to Israel not knowing where to live or what to do, without any income at all and while people criticized me and asked a million questions that I didn't have answers to. I only knew that God said: GO!
I made that video two years ago, but it came up on Facebook as a memory, so I reposted it. It just so happened that Tikva, Lydia’s adopted daughter, saw that video and it deeply moved her. So, she reached out to me through a friend that sent me an email, and two days later, I arranged a video chat with Tikva. 
When I received the email that Tikva would like to speak to me on the phone, I cried all day. I have never thought for a minute that I would get a chance to talk to Tikva, the daughter of the woman who literally changed my life. We spoke for an hour and a half. It was deeply moving, and she said, “Jane, you walked into that cemetery and stood next to Derek Prince’s grave because God wanted you to meet me.”
And she said, “The same way God sent Lydia Prince to Israel, God sent you and he is using you mightily.”
 I was able to share with Lydia and her dear friends just how God spoke to me about coming here, my work here, the long and incredible journey it has been, and how the story keeps getting more and more important as things are heating up around Israel.
I can’t even begin to describe what a divine appointment that was for both of us. Tikva lives in Australia. She is ninety-years-old and hasn’t been in Israel since 1982, so I encouraged her to come here with some dear friends.
This is such an encouragement for me! Another steadfast confirmation that God literally did take me out of Denmark to come to Israel and stand with his people.
It is incredible how God truly works in mysterious ways. The two people who have testimonies and stories that gave me the courage to step out alone and leave my home country for the unknown in Israel were Lydia Prince, who passed away (but I had the privilege to share my story with her daughter), and Michael David Evans, founder of Jerusalem Prayer Team.
I was blessed to meet him and his beautiful wife last year and tell them just how much they have impacted my life and tell them thank you!
I just wanted to share this incredible story with you because I want to honor the God of Israel for His love and destiny for me, I have had so many divine appointments in Israel, this was just one of them.
Living in Israel and being girly boots on the ground is exceeding what I have ever though was possible. I came with only one suitcase full of clothes, on a tourist visa, and now have been living in Israel for five years, now on a journalist visa with a press pass. It all started by stepping out in faith when nothing was planned or I didn't have any answers to peoples questions, I just knew God wanted me in His Nation for such a time as this where so much lies and hate are coming against the Jewish people.
I hope my story would help you and encourage you to step into your destiny. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you! Be a living testimony for God, be sure to play your part in this world for such a time as this.
Blessings from Jerusalem.