Hope and laughter at The White House.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to President Donald Trump’s White House was viewed as nothing less than “historic,” and certainly signals a serious shift from the icy relationship that existed between Bibi and former President Obama.


It was just months ago that the Obama administration orchestrated a serious betrayal against Israel with the aid of the U.N. Security Council, when widespread condemnation was blasted against Israel for her policies and building expansion in the homeland.

Then, to add insult to injury, former Secretary of State John Kerry recited a blistering and deceitful diatribe about how Israel is blocking efforts for peace in the Middle East after the disastrous vote where the Obama administration’s henchmen were instructed to abstain from voting to insure the resolution to condemn Israel passed.


With such a horrible backdrop in recent months, the warm embrace by President Trump of Benjamin and Sarah Netanyahu was a sharp contrast to all of those dark moments as Obama’s administration headed out the door of history. These past few days are like the perfect medicine a doctor would order to help in healing the ills that were heaped upon Israel and her people.


It felt like a homecoming for long-missed relatives, and the light-hearted laughter and banter certainly reinforced the warmth and sense of celebration that I observed. More importantly, it was apparent to me that a new era of cooperation, mutual support, and making things right again between Israel and the United States was a top priority.


I don't think I have seen Bibi laughing in the White House the past eight years with Obama in office; it is clear that a new chapter has begun. It was simply wonderful to see how much Sara and Bibi enjoyed their time with Donald and Melania Trump! 


There were a few revelations that came to light that should bring hope and encouragement to every Israeli and Jewish person who watched this historic event unfold before them. First and foremost, President Trump departed from decades of U.S. Policy to bring about a two-state solution.


The notion that Israel can be carved up into indefensible pieces like a Thanksgiving Day turkey, served wherever anyone pleases, is a pathetic exercise in futility and foolishness. To see such pressure put on Israel ever since the liberation of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem after Jordanian occupation for nearly 20 years is morally and factually wrong!

Israel’s long-established borders, even though they were significantly cut down during the League of Nation’s final actions in 1922, stood the test of time until the Israel-Arab war in 1948 when Israel declared her independence as the British Mandate came to an end. 


The Arabs were given Transjordan, later renamed Jordan, as mandated land for them to settle in. They did so until the 1948–49 war and the advent of the PLO/Fatah movement which encouraged them to flood the land and occupy territory that was clearly Israel’s by mandate from the League of Nations. 


The UN has been loath to recognize—let alone enforce—those mandates, but instead has steadily cut into the heart of Israel to slowly encroach upon and degrade the security and safety of the Jewish people. That is amplified by the repulsive assertions that building homes and communities for Israeli citizens is an act of aggression against peace-making efforts, which are non-existent in coming from the Arab/PA camp!

President Trump and his Cabinet recognize these issues, and have promised to find a solution that looks past the two-state “solution” (a true oxymoron), while securing Israel’s defense needs and safety. I hope to see an aggressive counter-offensive against the evil BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement.


With this counter-offensive against BDS in motion, I was encouraged by President Trump’s words about deepening economic ties between the United States and Israel, which is no doubt intended to deepen not only economic but strategic ties between the two countries.

This was reinforced by the tone and content of the conversation Benjamin Netanyahu had with President Trump, and also with Sean Hannity’s TV interview later on. The clear and obvious threat of Iran’s aggressive posture continues to support worldwide terrorism as a state policy and violate agreements about ballistic missiles, and of course, is already violating the infamous “Bad Deal” struck between the United States under Obama (with the support of other European countries).


Benjamin Netanyahu was quite clear that without Israel, stability in the region would be impossible and become dangerous at best. He also pointed out other Arab states in the region such as Jordan, Egypt, and even Saudi Arabia are looking to Israel for mutual support to curb or at least resist Iran’s aggressive policies in the region.


This was highlighted against the backdrop of Iran launching ballistic missiles just two weeks ago—missiles that Iran’s government has boasted will reach Tel Aviv in less than two minutes from launch. This presents a grave threat to Israel in the short term—in addition to the Arab states I mentioned above who fear such capabilities could be used against them. It also serves as a direct form of political blackmail.


Bibi made a strong statement to Mr. Hannity regarding Iran’s missile technology advancing so quickly. There is the realistic possibility that Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles(ICBM’s) could be armed with multiple nuclear warheads, and aimed at America or Europe.

Nothing can deter Iran, given the present tone and actions it continues to foster against Israel and the world. Combined with Iran’s arming of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and ISIS/ISIL only shows the degree of this evil regime’s intentions to bring harm to the world in order to establish its worldwide caliphate.


All of these conjoined elements clearly indicate Israel is truly a strategic partner. She is willing to not only bring deterrence, but to take matters a step further if an imminent threat materializes. The United States can count on the IDF and IAF to stand ready to protect and defend not only U.S. interests, but also the rest of the world.

Given this understanding, to undermine Israel, isolate or degrade her sovereignty would be a disastrous mistake of the highest magnitude.

To those in the United States, I plead with you to encourage and support Israel by communicating with Congress, and President Trump in the White House. Let them know you support Israel, and that you stand against any further division or harm coming against her. 

For those of you in Israel, stand up and support Bibi’s passionate efforts to preserve and secure the land of Israel forever. Building cities and homes around Israel strengthens her ability to withstand efforts to divide the land, and denies her enemies a strategic foothold to attack—such as what followed after evacuating the Gaza Strip in 2005.

With Israel’s future looking so bright, it is time for the Jewish people and all Israelis to unite and be strong together once and for all and never look back. The alternative is neither desirable or safe for Israel's future. Israel must be protected now, for all future generations to come!

Ultimately, whether or not the United States or any other nation stands with Israel, one thing should be clearly understood. Israel is, and has been recognized as a sovereign nation by the UN and the USA.
The attempts to rob Israel of her legitimacy should never be tolerated again!
She alone determines her destiny, and does not need anyone to endorse her national will to strengthen the Jewish state, or build the necessary infrastructure throughout Israel’s homeland to support the people as they continue to flow into the country.
The Jewish people possess the right and the power of self-determination, which has been exercised since May 14, 1948, and will last perpetually. The sacred heritage of the Jewish People living and thriving in their own land is a legacy that will stand forever, be assured that God will see to that