It’s time to support the Netanyahu family

It’s time to support the Netanyahu family.
I’m not going to claim I'm an expert on this topic, nor that I know everything there is to be said about Mrs. Netanyahu, but I will give my opinion from an "outsider’s point of view" As someone who now lives in Israel after more than 35 years in Denmark, seeing how Danish media and world stream media in general is so critical of Israel, I am absolutely amazed at how the Israeli media is going after the Sara Netanyahu.
I think it's is safe to say, that Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader of the free world today, not Obama even if he would like to think he is.
That means the prime minister of Israel is holding the most important job in the world, he is sitting "in the hottest" chair in the world, and everyone is telling him what to do or not do.
On top of that, there are billions of Muslims that want nothing more than to see the land of Israel "Juden frei", and turned into "Palestine." Let’s face it, Israel is like no other nation, and the world is coming against her full force, so I would just simply say this: It is TIME for the Jewish people to come home from all over the world to the Nation that God created for you. It is time for the Jewish people to UNITE in Israel. You have enough enemies that want to wipe you off the face of the earth.
All this gossip and slandering of Israel’s “first family” is simply not nice; we have no idea what kind of pressure they are living under. Of course they are not "just a normal family" they have responsibilities beyond what we can understand, they have a bigger budget than most families, so what.
I don't know Sara, but I have no doubt it would be difficult to walk in her shoes.
She is a mother, and she is the wife of the prime minister. Have any of you walked one day in her shoes? Do you know what she thinks or feels, what pressure she must be living under? She is a human being, flesh and blood...
She is like you and me, BUT her husband holds the most important job in the world. Listen, Israel needs to unite, it is time because united you guys are stronger than anything, you are invincible, but you need to put down the petty differences, and you definitely need to support the first family.
You need to stand with Sara and her family, I can’t stress it enough.
Is she without mistakes, of course not but who is?? I don't think any of us could do a better job than what she is doing with all the things coming against her. It makes me sad when I see what the media is digging up on her. Would you like someone to do the same with your life? I don't think so, she do not deserve this hetz that is coming against her. She lives in a glass house where everything is being watched and written about. Who knows what she thinks or feels, how she is doing, what makes her laugh or what makes her cry? Instead of always criticizing her, let’s find out what we can do to help and support her and her family, because they are fighting for Israel every day. They are on the front line every single day for every single Israeli.
I'm just saying: let's stop judging Sara like that, if there are things that are "wrong" and need to be fixed, well okay give her privacy and space to do that. So dear friends, Israel is amazing, Israel is a light among the nations, but Israel is also surrounded by enemies that want to take her off the map, Jews are being killed simply for being Jews, we just saw that in France and Denmark.
I'm sorry to say, I don't think it will change, so Jewish people: UNITE UNITE UNITE...
This is your way to make it with G-D's help; you are a rose among the thorns. I love you and I stand proud with Benjamin Netanyahu and his family.