Jerusalem – An Eternal Struggle for an Eternal City


As the world just observed Holocaust Remembrance Day, a battle is being waged from President Trump’s desk in Washington DC in defense of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital.

From times of antiquity, Jerusalem has been a wonder, a treasure of desire, and even a pariah to her detractors. As a wonder, the City of Gold drew the Queen of Sheba to visit here and meet with King Solomon. In those days, Jerusalem’s glory carried a double portion of awe, with her wealth and beauty on the one hand, and the amazing wisdom and insight that was Divinely bestowed upon King Solomon.
However, the crown jewel of Jerusalem that captured the awe and admiration of those in the known world at the time was Solomon’s construction of the first Temple. The world had never seen anything like it, especially when you consider the manifest glory of the Shekinah, or Divine Presence there.
The Temple Mount forever inscribed into the Judean hills surrounding Jerusalem, is a living testimony of the very heart and soul of Israel’s covenant relationship with Heaven and Earth’s Creator.
I have been to Gods Holy Hill many times, God put His name down there, its Gods home on Earth, and you really feel his presence there, that place is simply remarkable, and there will be a third Temple there.
Israel is the center of the world, in Israel Jerusalem is the center, and in Jerusalem, The Temple Mount is the center, which makes it the center of the entire world.
It's a Spiritual thing, that is why the fight about the most expensive real-estate is so intense!
The Temple Mount is the only thing that is occupied in Israel!
This city that was Divinely set apart to represent the great mercy and peace of our Creator with mankind, has suffered what has been a seemingly endless struggle to live up to its Divine Mandate, to be a city of peace and prayer for all nations.
She has been the subject of violence, siege, destruction and rebuilding, only to see this cycle repeated once again. Two magnificent Temples were built, only to see them destroyed by the Babylonians (Where modern Iraq is), and the Romans.
And following the Bar Kochba revolt that ended in 135 CE, Emperor Hadrian ordered Jerusalem to be gutted of all governmental power, her people driven out, and the city renamed as “Aelia Capitolina,” to honor Jupiter, and Israel was renamed “Syria Palestina,” which means “Land of the Philistines.”
Such insults endured right through the time of the British Mandate period, in which the entire land of Israel was simply referred to as “Palestine.” The ironic truth about this spiteful moniker is the Jewish people in the land were the ORIGINAL people to be referenced as “Palestinians!”
This shows how the contempt of anti-Semitism’s spirit was conferred upon the Jewish people to bear the name of their adversaries, who existed in the prior millennia when Scripture was being written to bear witness of Israel’s legitimacy, and God’s sovereign hand upon her people.
Despite these insults, the Jewish people have persevered, with some that remained in the land, and those who were dispersed, all the while longing to return to their homeland. Given the persecution over the past 2,000 years, along with the horrors of the Holocaust in Europe, Israel’s story of the Jewish people becoming an independent, self-governing nation was restored on May 14, 1948.
I can tell you this: The heart and soul of the Jewish Nation never left Israel in spirit. The passion and determination of the people to restore their nation, their heritage and their worship to God with a restored Temple has dominated the heart of every soul making Aliyah to Israel!
However, such a passionate vision and effort has been subjected to warfare, bloodshed, and a propaganda campaign that rivals Joseph Goebbels’ nefarious work during the 1930’s and 40’s. The following day after Israel declared her independence, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon attacked.
Jordan became the TRUE occupier of the “ West Bank,” not Israel! As many historical, political, diplomatic and legal scholars have pointed out, it is ridiculous to say that you are “occupying” your own land that was legally given to you by the League of Nations in 1922, with defined borders at that time.
As an important side note, The UN Charter states that it is legally and morally bound to abide by all the resolutions and treaties established by League of Nations. And yet, the most frequently and flagrantly violated resolutions set by the League of Nations, are those concerning Israel. The UN has used political, economic, and diplomatic pressure to force Israel to submit to UN resolutions that clearly violate everything the League of Nations established on behalf of Israel.
And now, like never before, the pressure to strip Israel, and her eternal Capital, Jerusalem of any legitimacy, has reached a feverish pitch. The Arab “Palestinians” have lied to the world, and claimed there has never been a Temple on The Temple Mount, that Israel is nothing more than a political or diplomatic fabrication, and ultimately the final aim is the destruction of the Jewish people. "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!"
However, there is some renewed hope from the west. USA’s President, Donald J. Trump has declared that he has resolved to be the FIRST in Israel’s modern history to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Eretz Israel, and in so doing, move the US Embassy to Jerusalem where it rightfully belongs!
Such a bold move, however, will not come easily. With great opposition from the UN and every Arab state on the planet, this is truly an uphill battle. In addition, there are European and other countries that do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, and cite “oppression,” and “apartheid” as self-proclaimed justification to deny Israel’s right to sovereignty and self-determination.
King Abdullah II of Jordan, and Jibril Rajoub from the Fatah (formerly the PLO under Yasser Arafat) Central Committee, has warned the USA and Israel of making such a move as a “grave mistake,” and “an act of aggression against the entire Muslim world.”  
The call for terror attacks has already been given from Fatah to prevent President Trump from moving the Embassy!  
When you read the PLO or Hamas charters, you realize that the very existence of Israel and the Jewish people who live in the land, this alone is provocation enough to warrant such violence and bloodshed. Furthermore, Islamic Jihad will contend against the West and all who do not submit to them.
All of this said, I implore you to truly pray for Israel and peace to reign in Jerusalem! Making Jerusalem legitimate sends a message to all the Arab and Muslim entities that the USA will support and defend the enemy of their existence, and undoubtedly instigate warfare on some level.
But given the history of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Islamic terrorism and the current spin of media propaganda, the time to embrace the truth, and stand boldly for Israel must come now, and never waver for any reason. She has been a blessing to the nations with technology, food, medicine, and a sacred heritage that is unparalleled by anyone else. We are obligated to respect Israel and tirelessly support her.
As the world just remembered the victims killed in the Holocaust, your love, prayers and support of Israel is vital.
That is why I came here years ago, and where I will always be. I invite you to come and visit, and share your blessings with the Jewish people, and savor Israel’s rich heritage. And most of all, come to Jerusalem to honor a sacred heritage and experience the heartbeat of the Jewish Nation. You will never be the same again after you visit!
Let me end by saying this:
The international community including Russia, America, the Vatican, The UN, the EU or the Muslim world do NOT decide what's the capital of Israel!!
Nor do they set the borders for Israel, God did that when He created the Jewish Homeland!
That will never ever changed
Jerusalem has been the Jewish Capital since the time of King David, Jerusalem will never be divided again! It's God's Home on earth, His Holy City.
Jerusalem is the heart of Israel, you don't cut a heart into two, and Jerusalem has never been Holy to Muslim or even mentioned in the Koran..
If you take care of Israel and bless Her, God will take care of you, and bless you!