Shame on you France!

 I nearly choked on my coffee when I read this statement in the news: 

"France will recognize a Palestinian state, if its efforts in coming weeks to try to break the deadlock between Israelis and Palestinians fail, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday."

 Are you kidding me?

This is open and unfiltered intimidation of Israel by France. To use schoolhouse terms, we can call this outright bullying!

Can you tell me one thing Holocaust denier and terror enabler, Abu Mazen has ever done to try and make peace with Israel?

 On the contrary, he and his whole organization of terrorist hoodlums have always, and will always, just spew base propaganda while impudently demanding outrageous concessions from Israel.

 Undoubtedly, I can bet you that Abu Mazen and all his "colleagues" are sitting in their mansions and fancy villas laughing to their heart's content, stealing billions of dollars for themselves, while oppressing their duped population.

 And what is so utterly disgusting is that every single time Abu Mazen opens his lying mouth, the naïve and ignorant world falls for the Arab myths and ignores the facts on the ground.

 Meanwhile, the mainstream media, the anti-Jewish BDS movement, and numerous ill-conceived protests continue to perpetrate ever more anti-Israel calumnies. 

Abu Mazen not only encourages but outright incites the killing of Jews.
He glorifies Muslim terrorists after they have killed Jews, and rewards martyred terrorists’ families with vast sums of money
foolishly donated to the PA by individuals, NGO’S and governments from all over the world.

The sums run into the billions of dollars, which hardly ever goes towards building schools or hospitals, but instead rewards jihadist terrorists.

In addition, Hamas, PLO, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the rest of the terror groups, all heavily financed, relentlessly terrorize Israel, while calling for the destruction of the Jewish state and the extermination of its Jewish citizens. Read the Hamas Charter!

At the same time they refuse to even recognize Israel as a Jewish state and deny that the Holocaust ever happened! Keep in mind that a large number of European nations passed laws that criminalize denial of the Holocaust!

Abu Mazen has called for this evil “Knife Intifada” to continue. He is responsible for creating the odious PA broadcasting stations which spew out barbaric anti-Israel and anti-Jewish lies to Muslims children in TV programs, in their schools, and in youth and summer camps.

 These children from a very early age are being indoctrinated with generational hatred towards Israel and are exhorted to destroy the Jewish state.

Thus predictable cries to, “liberate Jerusalem and Palestine from the occupation,” follow the same violent expressions of Islamic triumphalism and hatred of the “infidel” since Islam’s beginning in the 7th century.

This is why we witness these horrific and barbarous terrorist attacks that continue with the slaughter of Jewish mothers, fathers and children.

Yet France says little or nothing against these unlawful and immoral acts, while calling for “peace negotiations” as if Israel has not tried again and again in vain to reach peace with Abbas and the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians".

But all who have eyes to see and ears to hear know that Abu Mazen has no interest whatsoever in reaching a peace with the Jewish state and that all such previous “peace agreements” have been nothing more than acts of appeasement to an implacable enemy and never have had any hope of achieving a real or lasting peace!

It is impossible for Israel to negotiate peace with a violent regime or an Arab people who do not recognize your right to exist!

How can you use “peace negotiations” to erase generations of Muslim indoctrination and incitement that glorifies a cruel mindset and which teaches children to carry on an evil legacy of hate and murder from the age of 3?

 What hope of peace can there be if all the Arabs know only indoctrinated hatred based on lies and deceits or with the infernal belief that all Jews must die?

We have all seen the videos that surfaced of young Arab children with knives showing how to stab Jews, or the funeral in Shuafat that showed Hamas terrorists marching in the street with automatic weapons alongside women and children carrying knives screaming, “death to the Jews!”

And in the face of this, what is France doing?

France is REWARDING these terrorists and the evil they perpetrate by promising them a terrorist state of their own carved out of the Jewish people’s ancestral and biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria which France will recognize.

France now stands ready to coerce and threaten Israel by siding with the very terrorist regime of Abu Mazen giving them 100% legitimacy for what they do; even as they butcher women like animals for slaughter, ram cars into people standing or walking, and gun them down as we recently saw in Tel Aviv.


As I share this, here is another round of lies from Abu Mazen who utters historical falsehoods bordering upon delusion:

“The region will not enjoy security and stability unless the Israeli occupation and settlement activities end ... We will stay here on our land and in our homeland, where we have developed our historical and cultural identity and made humanitarian contributions for thousands of years.”

 Despite the delusional ranting of Abu Mazen, please understand that there has never in all of recorded history ever been an independent state of Palestine, nor has there ever been a separate Arab people called Palestinians: Period.

 Interestingly, Hamas, the terror group which rules the Gaza Strip and is a bitter rival of Abbas’ Fatah movement, has rejected the French government's call for negotiations with Israel.

 One of their senior officials, Ismail Radwan, said that the calls from the international community to renew peace talks are futile and unacceptable. The solutions France is calling for have previously failed.

So, this sets the matter before us to prayerfully consider our part. Diplomacy fails. Appeasement fails. Negotiating fails. Government policy fails. Failure on the one hand, and cruelty and slaughter on the other hand.

What can we do? There is an answer!

You and I MUST decide that we will make a difference and do our best to speak up for Israel against all of the lies and atrocities committed by the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians"

Remember Dafna Meir, the brave young Israeli mother who was stabbed numerous times and died as she defended her children against the brutal 16 year old Muslim terrorist who entered her home!

You and I MUST decide that we will make a difference, and do our best to speak up for Israel against all of the Muslim lies and barbaric violence.

A home should be a sanctuary, not a slaughterhouse! This applies to the entire beleaguered state of Israel, and to every home, school, workplace, public square, or anywhere on a public street.

I looked on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website that tracks "Palestinian" terrorist activity. This is the official toll since September 2015:

IDF: Terror attacks by numbers (as of 27 January 2016):
  • 113 stabbings
  • 39 shootings
  • 22 car rammings

The Ministry went on to say the latest Muslim terrorism began on the Temple Mount, which I personally saw and reported on first-hand.

 Despite all this, if you light a single candle in a dark room the light will penetrate and expose the darkness. I am asking you to be bold and fearless as you light that one candle for the sake of the Jewish people and expose all the lies and propaganda against Israel!

 The hour is getting late with each passing minute. The darkness is covering Israel; seeking her destruction.

Israel needs you to stand before the world and G-d, and pray for Her peace and protection. I am here to be a voice of hope, and to shine my light for Israel's sake.

 Please join me and let's do it together!!