"Escape route, the untold story of the SS". The nazi cowardice.

The book "Escape Route, The Untold Story of the SS", in Portuguese, is being translated into English.

It is a historical novel, set during the second war, which tells the story of Andreas Spinger, an ambitious and unscrupulous genius who was together with Hitler in the first steps of Nazism and then in power was responsible for conducting a hypersecrete organization within the SS to spy on the ministers, military leaders and organize the looting with the dominated populations.
After the fall of Nazism, Spinger organized the route of escape of Nazis to South America, including a mysterious and very powerful leader. From there, the novel tells about the persecution of the Mossad to Spinger and to uncover the identity of his leader.
More than a history of war and the atrocities of the Nazis to Jews and other minorities, the novel brings beautiful constructions such as the archeology of cities in the before, pre and post war, Nazi paths and especially a reflection on the support From the Germans to the Nazis.
It is a novel whose history has had several versions, but adds a lot of original, starting with being written by a Brazilian.