Brazilian portal calls Netanyahu 'major global terrorist'

A Brazilian portal, while covering news about the terrorist attacks in France, labeled the prime minister of Israel as a major global terrorist, as you can see below:

“Although France asked for the Israeli prime minister to not appear in the demonstration, that brought together European leaders on Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu, the major global terrorist, attended the march.”

This portal is followed by over half a million Facebook users, it is also printed as a magazine, app and it is translated to Spanish.

Beyond the disrespectful words, lies a suspected commercial connection: this portal is sponsored by Brazilian stated owned banks. The banks Caixa Economica Federal and Banco do Brasil are large sponsors and financed together over 1.5 million shekels in 2013 – according to the article O Preço do Governismo.  

Additionally, the portal peaked traffic in the pinnacle of the presidential race during last year's elections by promoting the government’s candidate. Not surprisingly, the main focus of the portal is yet to publish news that support the current president and her policies.

While the Brazilian paperboy has been delivering more than news to its audience, the Brazilian minister of communications is working on his plans to increase media regulation in an attempt to silence the opposition voice, that has been increasing since the elections.