Yo soy Nisman

Not even the heavy rain prevented half a million Argentinians to go out in the streets of Buenos Aires to march in homage to the justice promoter Alberto Nisman - who was found dead last month.
Nisman died shortly before accusing the Argentinian government, including President Cristina Kirchner and other high-ranking politicians, of having protected Iranian spies that would have been responsible for the AMIA terrorist attack that killed 85 Jews in 1994. Their protection was allegedly exchanged for trading agreements with Tehran in the mid-90s.
A crowd of umbrellas marched towards the government's headquarters on Wednesday. Under applause and shouts of “Justice” and “I am Nisman”, they emphasized the general feeling of revolt and commotion about the case.
Besides the discontent with the tragic outcome, the crowd also cried out accusations of corruption, misuse of public funds and responsibility for the increasing violence in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.
Nisman's death eventually united other sectors of society that were already unhappy with the government, sizing even more the march and raising the opposition voice against Kirchner’s government that is currently fighting with the judiciary and undergoing political instability.
The investigations have not yet concluded any findings in the Nisman case, but the initial suicide claim has weakened after specialists did not find indications of gunpowder in his hands.