Does Israel have a friend in President Trump?

Historically U.S Presidents have played an integral role in Israel's past and have largely influenced world policy towards Israel and how the world views Israel in many ways.
President Truman famously recognized Israel even though the state department advised against it.
President Obama dealt many 'below-the-belt' blows to Israel during his term, leading many to scratch their heads.
Considering President Bush had dubbed Israel a key-ally in fighting terrorism in the middle east.
Israel may once again have an ally in the Whitehouse, unwilling or not, current U.S President Trump has made it clear he will support Israel with intelligence and co-ordinate military strikes against terrorist groups.
Israel plays a key role in the development of U.S - Middle-east relations and share many policy's of dealing with foreign insurgency.
Israel's unique landscape and political ideologies have made it a top player in the global intelligence scene in the middle east and abroad.
It could be argued that Israel plays a large role in the policies affecting foreign policy on a global-scale as it's political influence is unmatched.
Historically, figures that have not given Israel it's dues on the global playing field have faced mounting criticism from skeptics and law makers and is begging to lend to a denial of Israel's influence.
The current U.S Presidential administration could learn from past Presidents and historical figures that have opposed Israel and become laughing stocks of the globe.
President Trump has come under fire for many of his decisions since assuming office on Jan 20th 2017.
Including from Israeli officials.
"Israeli officials said they believe Trump, like his predecessors, will sign a waiver delaying implementation of U.S. law that would require the embassy to be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — a far cry from what some Republicans thought would be among his first moves in Middle East policy". -Source
In-fact according to a recent Jpost Poll: Israeli support for U.S President Donald Trump has grown significantly since his visit to Jerusalem.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu even recently thanked Trump on his support for Israel.
Israel is committed to working with President Trump to advance peace with the Palestinians and with all our neighbors,” Netanyahu said, noting that Palestine must recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Netanyahu also thanked Trump over a recent US budget request that “leaves military aid to Israel fully funded.” - Source
That doesn't mean that President Trump hasn't received his fair share of critic for what he has failed to do, as of late, rather than what he has done.