Getting Students to Write In and Defend Israel

This week the World Union of Jewish Students launched a new initiative to encourage Jewish students to write in their local, student or national newspapers defending Israel in either a letter to the editor or op-ed.
We believe it’s crucial that Jewish students feel there is something they can do straight away when they feel aggrieved at the way in which the press covers Israel.  This is why we’re offering $1000 to the top three authors of letters published this year.  The greatest shame is that all to often Jewish students feel they have something to say, but don’t have enough confidence in their own abilities as writers to actually send it in. 
Ultimately we’re going to publish the best entries on our website throughout the year as they come in, and show the positive impact Jewish students can have on bringing Israel’s case to the fore. 
The only rules are that the peices must be published in non-Jewish press, but more specific entry details can be found here.