A Quick Post on new settlements

 Terrorism hasn’t accomplished anything for people of Palestinian origin.Israel as a united people has been under attack despite offering to participate in peace negotiations with anyone who had issue with them since the writing of the Torah. Martin Luther King made important speeches. He often mentioned Israel needing the right to exist. How many real Christian people wish for Arab people to disallow them entrance to the Holy Land?

The IDF can accomplish securing Israel without much loss inflicted upon the Jewish people. It will take strong measures which will engage the condemnation of those that oppose Israel’s right to exist. I support Israel in obtaining peace before negotiating with terrorists. I support Israel in not seeking world approval for the actions they need to take.

Hamas Hezbollah and or Fatah which all have a peace of the Palestinian authority must be discredited before countries take action on Israel’s movements. I support world peace but don’t see it as possible in any form. Partnerships are what we can hope to achieve or some sense of Detente. We are facing something like the Cold War which was defeated like Hitler was. Donald Trump could rebuild world security by using some of the measures of the Cold War.

President Trump said he would make America safe again which means he will take measure of a scale and focus not seen since the early days of the Cold War. The USA and Israel will be partners in the War on Radical Islamic Terrorism. We are at war though the problem with the war is it is at home such as close to what France faced during World War 2. Europeans should understand some of this better than North Americans considering the massive damage done in that god awful war.

You most likely will not see the impeachment that is talked about during protests considering the statistics of support. He has his first 100 days to set the tone of his office like any other president before him. There will not be a step-down on the American front of the war on Radical Islamic Terrorism on the side of the USA.  I support the USA in its goal of eliminating radical Islam considering the number of on camera interviews of those saying that Sharia law is a guarantee of taking over the whole world.

Freedom of speech is threatened for many American’s considering what I have seen so far. I don’t believe in organizing in massive protests while lone wolf attacks are possible.  Protesting the election while not having voted seems to me as a sad way to gain an objective. African American’s that marched with other peace marchers wished to vote jeopardizing their lives and livelihoods. Selma was a big one for voter rights which I believe was ignored at that time.

Schools are being torn apart because of allowing the conversations of genocide during the Second World War being trivialized. I see many open posts from those with anti-Semitic thoughts. Peace will come though it will come with a price but with the preparations Israel has made such as the Iron Dome it won’t be too great of a sacrifice for Jews to have long lasting peace.