Can Israel Survive? Yes!

 “Can Israel survive?”  Is like asking “Will Christians survive?” or “What will happen to Judaism?” We will indeed though we face challenges together for the most part through faith. It is hard to believe that the world goes to war on itself because of some spoilers who claim to answer to God.

Allah is rightfully God to many on the planet, but his name shouldn’t be invoked for violence. Secularism is drawing many adherents Christian, Jewish, and Muslim as well. I have seen Catholics who leave behind all worldly possessions to spend time praying to God for others.

I don’t see myself as that strong of a believer though I do have faith. Sometimes, I am challenged in defining my faith because I accept other religions as having meaning for the world. I may be Christian with a strong interest in Judaism, but I believe in some sort of Globalism for good people.

You may one day see me publish a book outside of JPost on a topic outside of religious views. The Bible, the Torah, the Talmud, the Quran are already written, so I leave new religious writing to experts. I could write about myself if I became interesting enough. That is how I would try to make myself known to the world not by intentionally hurting others.

“Be a book” is something I may have heard before because I haven’t been quoted yet. Nobody, I know sacrifices their lives for a cause unless it is for the good of mankind not destruction. I believe reading good books such as religious ones should point you to a good conclusion in life.

Attaining good things in this lifetime is a part of Judaism and Christian faiths. That doesn’t mean greed or dominance of others. Moving the embassies has been discussed a long time, and is a topic which I have read. It is too late for negotiations on that topic anymore with those who encourage terror globally.

Hezbollah and Hamas are funded through drug deals while ISIS sells women around the world. Their oil is bloodier than any wars America has waged to bring peace to the Middle East. My country isn’t supplied by those groups with anything, so I hope we don’t fund them either.

Tax laws protect us from enemies around us, and abroad from invading our financial system. Canada is a pretty good country with freedoms which are being reduced sometimes when the wars are too much. Internships of people won’t ever come again, but even with the dawn of the internet our sun still sets in the west.

ISIS is a force on the internet which should be stopped through laws of many countries which are usually targeted against other types of online predators. We can stop ISIS that way, and through mental health assessments of those recommended by teacher’s police and honest citizens.

Secularism doesn’t mean violence as I have seen through the open eyes of someone interested in culture. I am neither against the Niqab nor the Hijab, but stopping antisemitism and Islamophobia should be the job of all who pray. I saw today on CBC that a Muslim teenager had her Hijab cut by a lunatic. Hopefully, he will be brought to Justice like many of those who discriminate in Canada.