Canada has Law and Order

 We can respect others as a place to begin our journey into a new life without fear. Showing kindness can go a long way towards building friendships. I like making new friends of any description unless they are mean to others. I used to tolerate mean people while giving them the benefit of the doubt until they proved themselves to be as described previously.
Let’s look to a better future without such persons as Richard Spencer, or his protests. He protested at Charlottesville and in Florida shortly after the Charlottesville tragedies. I respect law enforcement that do a good job while respecting the freedoms the USA Constitution provides all citizens of that country.
I feel freedom of speech in Canada or other places should have some limitations to avoid a buildup of bad feelings. We have many laws to protect us from mean people and bad groups in Canada. We are not always aware of how many of these groups or persons there are around us. Protesting should have limitations to avoid groups of Hateful people gathering in peaceful places.
In Quebec there have been some terrible situations for many to see which includes more than one form of terror. We have seen an attack on Parliament Hill which tragically threatened MP’s law enforcement military and police. We have seen acts described as terror to disrupt pipelines in British Columbia.
Finding those responsible leads to more threatening situations when law enforcement takes them down such as which the Mounties and the EPS faced in Alberta and the Mounties again in New Brunswick. I feel Canada has good gun laws in place, but current bickering in Ottawa is not accomplishing much for public safety which rarely gets discussed there like it is in Canadian homes.
I believe if Ottawa put in place committees for Public Safety or other topics such as finance and racism we could avoid time-wasting of political time while the world is involved in domestic warfare.  We need to discuss more topics which are causing social media storms online where extremists have influence.
We could possibly have committees which bring in those most affected or those who would be impacted to testify for the committees. Having separate offices in Ottawa may become necessary when you think of how those in the House of Commons spend day after day accusing political rivals of doing nothing.
I support elected officials to maintain their offices with integrity while using diplomacy in talks. Public life demands many things of officials elected to office but after Canada has reached its 150th we could possibly look at making Canada run more efficiently.
Israel is a great country being home to the Holy Land worshiped by Christians and Jews alike. I don’t believe in other regional claims to the beautiful countryside. I don’t feel disputing Israeli sovereignty is a sound way of becoming famous with Jews occupying the Holy Land for thousands of years.
In closing I would like to state something of importance which may not ever go away. We are facing the worst crises Canada has faced as well as many other countries considering the terrible attacks on democracy and personal freedoms which exist.
We don’t want to see us have events more terrible then the one’s we have experienced already in the name of terror. Isis will end its reign of terror because of failure like gangs face when they are brought to justice. We can expect no more or no less except law and order in today’s societies.