Democracy is Winning

 Democracy is winning throughout the world with no help from the UN. I know that many countries in the UN don’t support democracy, and don’t pay their bills at the UN which is sponsored mostly by the USA.

One way of me noticing that American’s, and Canadians are still supportive of democracy with rights is by watching Netflix, Lol… You can view the number of military movies where America, or the Allies defeat the enemies of human beings.

WWII was terrible, but so are the current global conflicts in the name of terror. Which group is unimportant to me whether it be ISIS or Boko Ha ram because they are animals.  Human suffering is a goal of terrorists unlike wars fought in the name of freedom.

I don’t believe there are that many government conspiracies in NATO countries, but spy movies are exciting. I believe that domestic security is in the hands of law enforcement for the most part.

What kids are watching on television or in the movie theaters may become a good blog topic. The topics relating to adults are figured out for the most part by Hollywood following trends. I don’t know much more than that, but military movies are a good reflection of our times.

I don’t see the terrorists winning in the movies I watch, or a different outcome to WWII then what really took place. So if you are afraid of fake news read more topics from around the world because you are still interested in them. You will figure out for yourself a way of wading through the suggested conspiracies which are popping up on social media.

I’ve seen internet bullies distort good views and turn them into nonsense which is accepted by those people that don’t research what they read. My research was to find good accurate platforms where a blogger or author would be accepted by merit not by how they posture themselves in arguments online.

Nikki Haley removed the Confederate flag from her state assembly building, and many similar statues, flags, or memorabilia fell afterwards. Museums have been promoted by the President as the appropriate place for storing those items.

 I don’t believe the President is discriminating, or encouraging discrimination by implementing a 1995 ruling on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Nikki Haley isn’t a racist either as seen by the events previously mentioned. I feel my country doesn’t recognize the President or the UN Ambassador in bad ways, but was happy to attend the Party which followed the UN controversy.

Now, I would never get invited to something such as that but I felt myself to be part of it because my country abstained from supporting terror. When Ontario and Canada itself denounced and voted to not recognize the BDS movement as legitimate I felt the same way.

Once again we are faced with peace among Nations because of the implementation of borders which may work for peace. Not allowing terror to push the lines is necessary which Abbas should have known would take place eventually while he supports the families of convicted terrorists.