Give the new USA administration a chance

 Since the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency I have noticed several items of interest. Some of these items are not good to see though they are a reflection on society not the president. Anti -Semitism and heavy criticism of women in society including Hollywood and politics has become accepted. I have wondered if this was the work of ISIS or those of different groups that don’t accept women in society.

Accepting those of different faiths and cultures was once promoted as the right of human interest. This has failed to take hold in the present age with the rise of Nationalism and secularism. I do accept that secular beliefs are where we come from including when the Constitution of the USA was written. We have since those days put behind bad instances such as segregation or refusal of voter rights to African Americans.

Donald Trump is promoting the rights or mentioning the rights of African Americans the LGBT community as well as ending anti-Semitism.  Those topics are good to hear mentioned by Pence and Trump though media is covering him as a liar though he hasn’t had the time to implement anything on those fronts. Protesting Trump Pence is not good but standing up to listen and negotiate would be a good avenue for those that lack trust in his leadership.

Myself I have sent e-mails directly to more than one Prime Minister of Canada as well as offered to participate in government programs when I felt I could help. I like my Muslim neighbors though I do see the problems associated with radical Islamic Terror on all shores. I don’t believe that is a hostile statement.

I have had good associations with Muslim people that wear the burka though I have not had contact with ISIS in the same breath. ISIS is as bad as any group in history that can’t leave Jewish people alone for whatever abnormal reason they hold against the followers of Judaism or Christian followers of the same text. My belief is that many problems of racist issues or genocidal or violent instances can be solved through mental health care.

Many Imams refuse to accept those that take medications for psychiatric reasons. If Donald Trump will be implementing many of the Health Insurance Standards as spoken then he could possibly solve a lot of America’s association with violence. In Canada health care is accepted as a right not a perk. In Canada we have less violence and many people being treated with health care rather than incarceration or the death penalty.

On my main blog where I post about Canadian conservative topics mostly I also say good things about officials of other parties when they have done right. That is not common anymore though it could come back if there was some secular belief such as love thy neighbor rather than relying upon eye for an eye.

I like Donald Trump though I see so much controversy being reported in media regarding him his family and supporters. I am a Canadian conservative that has noticed that Ivanka who is also facing controversy and boycotts is still rising in business. That makes me wonder if those protesters are being followed by those  at home with credit cards and access to the internet.

The Conservative Party of Canada supports any actions taken against the BDS movement as the Liberal party does sometimes here and there. Antisemitism is not just controversial it goes against humanity. Israel has beautiful women that historically are followed by anyone that has read the Bible or the Torah. Myself as a conservative would not favor anyone with anti-Semitic beliefs in any office.

I don’t believe that Donald Trump is a racist so hopefully the President and his team can have some time come up protest free once in a while. Protesting right now doesn’t seem to be performed by people that would support legal ethical political parties of any stripe. In the current conservative party of Canada leadership race I know for a fact that there isn’t any support for current protesters against legal governments.

Political people in Canada have come forward lately to show some support for female politicians facing harassment thrown at them publicly and behind the scenes. I support women of all parties that face harassment while in office or women close to official offices including wives and daughters. To anyone reading this article Shalom.