Israel's Humanitarian Relief for Syria

 Syria is taken over by many groups with the intent of destruction of others. The world doesn't know how to intervene or are blocked from doing so while the UN Security Council blames Israel for other topics. Israel is helping out the wounded on the Syrian Judean border. ISIS is the main threat in the region showing up in Palestinian territory to fire rockets at Israel for some mad reason which doesn't go away.
The humanitarian groups which may be active in ISIS territory are IsraAID, IL4 Syrians, Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, and NATAN International. The types of AID offered by Israeli's are sanitary items, food, medications, and post-trauma care. 
Warm clothing and bedding are supplied by Israeli Flying Aid, Hanoar Haoved VeHalomed Youth Movement, and Dror Israel. The claims of Israel being a genocidal Nation by terror supportive countries such as Iran could easily be discredited.
Israel's foreign ministry was instructed by PM Benjamin Netanyahu to help bring wounded Syrians to Israel by any means possible. IDF reservists requested to be put into Syria activated to help Syrians with their humanitarian crisis.
Many people wish to do the things Israel has led the way in since the insane acts the leader of Syria has performed since the onslaught of the Arab Spring. Canada has admitted Syrian refugees as well as Yazidi for good reasons. Canada hasn't done as bad as some countries in admitting refugees.
My take on Canadian immigration is that Canada has better vetting of new immigrants or does pay attention to warning signs accurately. We have not just been lucky! I feel a Canadian passport is a very good identification especially since there isn't much antisemitism to be seen in the country except the cases which get an immediate response.
I would like to place a strong emphasis on the benefits of being Canadian. We are a good country which has remained a friend of Israel during the period of time since 9/11. The current extremist groups which vie for recognition in media are not a threat to the real solid reputation Israel has made since becoming a Nation State.
There is much proof of Israeli's protecting the human rights of Christians and other religions throughout its years. Some day I won't just blog on here but find a more substantial way of supporting freedom from terror for all. I believe I could show some people the real difference between Hate and Love.
Israel has responded to attacks from ISIS by not only responding but responding appropriately. Rocket attacks from some which are BDS-inspired such as Hamas and Hezbollah have been handed over to ISIS for new attacks. I have seen that Hamas and other groups share territory with ISIS increasing my disbelief of why they are able to obtain support from many.
Israel shares its medical improvisations as well as their medical breakthroughs with the world including the Arab world. Israel is not selfish despite its need to prevent attacks at all times. I believe the vigilant country will enjoy peace one day with the help of the USA and other countries which tire of the attacks many countries have faced.
You will see that Israel will not support UN initiatives from the Security council though more reputable parts of the UN may get help from the Jewish Homeland. The USA and other partner countries such as Canada will not allow or encourage insults or attacks against its Prime Minister or the people he protects.
In conclusion, I have not performed enough research on these subjects I am just making a quick post regarding some obvious good things the world overlooks regarding Israel. I would like to see harassment of Jewish students around the world come to an end immediately. It looks like some response is necessary from Canada to end discrimination on campuses. The USA is having the same issues in post-secondary institutions.