Possible topics for negotiation

Myself, I feel that negotiations should take place between political parties fairly often. When there is troublesome legislation tabled or discussed negotiating should be approached. With world tensions more now than before most wars, we must look at how we communicate in media. I am speaking of legitimate government not terror connected organizations.

In Canada USA Europe UN we have many disastrous open attacks in media with political persons. Israel is mentioned often so I speak up about the UN in defense of Israel and its leaders. Now mostly what I see are media shows broadcasting the venom without moderation.

In Canada outside of mainstream media on social media are repetitive attacks on incumbent officials, these attacks are not sanctioned from legitimate political parties. That is how it looks to me whenever I go on the web. I may seem repetitive to readers of my posts because I am opposing political attacks.

With OPEC causing economic issues for many years by controlling the price of oil I will make a prediction how the West will respond. The President in his speech on terror made it clear that he believed in keeping the oil in Iraq. He was very clear that it would bring peace and economic growth for Americans.

This would be a benefit  for Iraqi’s as well bringing a measure of control into the war on terror which has been ongoing for many years. This may take place if there is ever a conclusion of war in Iraq Libya etc. I don’t believe he would take oil rights away from Saudi or other more responsible Middle Eastern countries.

There is another solution I feel is being considered but it includes many NATO countries if it was to take place. This could include in a Western agreement an oil cartel which may mean Canada Venezuela USA. Anyone else who wishes to escape OPEC irresponsible oil pricing could obtain oil from this cartel. With pipelines being a priority in cross border trade I could see Canada looking for better dollars for oil.

I would find it hard to believe that in Western Canada that Canada would implement pipeline strategy then phase out the oil sands. It wouldn’t make sense for the Prime Minister to do that. I feel the PM does put things into media to gauge public opinion on all issues.

I believe the PM is relying on public popularity to take risks in media releases on issues which nobody has addressed before. I also believe that the current government of Canada is starting out fresh on issues looking at implementing a radically different government than the former. It may be too big of an issue for me to look at or consider.

Venezuela is a country that seems to only sell oil at reduced costs. This is because of an embargo taken against them not much different in actions taken against ISIS. On the political violence front Venezuela is a nicer country towards tourists despite its poverty. Venezuelans are starving like Syrians were before Assad got more violent.

The Conservative Party of Canada candidate for leadership desires to implement use only Canadian oil in Canada eliminating foreign oil. Andrew Scheer is connected to current political topics with a good eye on what is really taking place in the world. Syria Libya Iraq Egypt and other countries which didn’t benefit from the so called Arab Spring are just cause to also see the MP implement freedom of speech legislation. We need to do this before we see unrest at levels approaching the Arab Spring. I believe Donald Trump also needs

to consider the unrest in America with the Arab Spring as a gauge on how far to let protesting go.

These are things I would like to see our Parliament discuss sometime before we face too many changes at one time. Moments and history must be considered when there is government change in direction. Policy can be all inclusive like Donald Trump is doing or if piece meal even if it is responsible must have a global consideration.

I feel if Andrew Scheer wins the candidacy then Conservatives will have international representation of their concerns as well as strong representation in Parliament. The way I feel Andrew Scheer is in media with his calmness on heavy topics then decisions would also be like that.

Brad Wall strongly mentioned that the National Carbon Tax is not timed correctly for implementation. He doesn’t speak out directly against the Tax being irresponsible as a National Strategy just trade and cross border taxes being affected. Canada may not suffer too badly with a National Carbon Tax if Andrew Scheer implemented eliminate foreign oil practice.

Our oil cartel with fixed oil prices responsibly considering trade agreements we could then sell our high quality Canadian manufactured products. With the limiting of discussion of MP’s these things may not take place even if outside negotiations between political parties was considered.

Countries which were friendly with the USA Canada Europe etc. would obtain more economic benefit from agreements. It would start at home between Canada and USA first. We would limit international agreements previously negotiated which didn’t benefit tax payers.

It should be remembered that with the restructuring of the USA economy after the last major recession many tax payers are still not benefitting after bankruptcy.  Ford which had many benefits given to them by American’s is considering moving more manufacturing plants to Mexico. Trump is directly mentioning this in his economic speech. He does have tough politics but I believe it would work as much as I have seen myself.

My belief on agreements is that some countries are more traditionally politically aligned with China and Russia. This makes it hard to restructure the entire world with free trade agreements. There is some sort of geopolitical favoritism despite the writing of international laws. I don’t feel it is always taken into consideration not wishing to offend countries who want to enter into our agreements.

These are just some things which I feel are on the table of politicians or could be good to consider in discussion. I am not an elected official but a tarot card reader who does look at politics often.