Submitting to social media without causing further issues

 My writing this article is mostly because of my need to express myself on the topic of getting along online. My blogging used to be full of conspiracies or political issues with security as the focus. Terror events should have been good content for me when I wrote, but I noticed a common theme to my emotional reactions (sorrow).

Getting along with others wasn't that hard of a goal to implement. It takes one day, one moment, one thought to make a change like quitting smoking, or other bad habits. Giving up or surrender leads to peace whether it be on the battlefield or inside yourself.

To become a writer will require many things from me to "make it." Being published where you earn your first fee is to me the entrance into the hall of writers. Blogging is excellent for me but spiritual as well giving me peace of mind when I communicate my concerns to others.

A writer's life could include libraries; and encyclopedias, Dictionaries, thesauruses with other things becoming prevalent. Encyclopedias were an entrance into learning for me even though it was like that just beginning into learning. Library research is a lot of fun for me despite the fact that I ask too many questions of staff.

Now, after joining a writing group, I may look at blogging more than I did without writing first. My blogging may become more polished by me sharing posts with my group before publishing them. The more technical skill I bring to writing could increase my comprehension of other people's work I read.

Not publishing my work before careful review and sharing may increase quality which can bring in more subscribers than before. Much more reading of others content will bring in the important research writers need to be creative on their own. Having a creative edge for knowing what direction I should go with content is possible after reviewing my interests.

Reading different topics online or through the library will give me the exposure to themes and style required to address the issue of using different trend setting writing style. You can brand yourself in this way after much writing, reading, and review.

The direction I go with my blog depends entirely on how much I read research online or find on topics which draw my interest. Researching a topic may require knowing the keywords obtained from a journal or magazine which uses the language of the subject which draws your attention.

Social media is mostly about making friends online or connecting with people more often than you know personally. Blogging for me comes with a responsibility to produce real accurate content, not fake news which can inspire severe reactions.

I have watched and frowned upon political attacks in Canada and the USA which gets out of hand on social media. Seeing politician's fight it out online spreading to social media has caused me to rethink the way I post on my social media accounts. As I said, social media is supposed to be friendly to others especially not exposing broad issues within oneself.

In the future, I intend on becoming like some of the people (men and women) who I noticed make memes and other posts regarding personal topics of interests rather than distributing second-hand posts which are political or anti-establishment.

I am not anti-establishment preferring to stay out of it between elections usually is my typical political stance. Sometimes I will jump into supporting officials online or by volunteering in small ways. In the future, if I have something to post on social media it will be carefully reviewed as for offending anyone or making anyone uncomfortable.

I would like to help others sort out their differences even with recovering from hateful feelings becoming another topic. I have removed more blog posts of mine from the web rather than add new ones at times. This removal of blog posts was because of events in Paris deeply affecting me with the feeling that I could attract a response to my political posts.

At this time I will not blog politics on Facebook anymore feeling that it can isolate me from other people I care about that have different views. My personal life is going to become more that rather than break unwritten Facebook rules through my following of suggestions.

Today I decided I have no interest in adding new political people to my social media because I have enough political, social contacts at this time. So far today I deleted two Instagram requests of a political nature wishing to make my Instagram more personal except adding to my health interests sometimes or media.

Right now posting about the deadly hurricanes offering support to victims is very appropriate online. Bashing foreign leaders or local official's responses on personal social media can cause your online life to be flagged by authorities.

My avoidance of political topics I feel brings me a sense of peace when I approach online searching from my laptop. Now I would like to become familiar with how I will use my computer later for when I begin using a Mac in university. I love my Microsoft, but apparently, it is not the standard in journalism today.

I appreciate my friends more now with a case in point being different topics such as sharing pictures or sharing thoughts being important. You can do as I do or make up your own rules of behavior online for whatever purpose you have in mind. Be a real person is better on the web with so many cases of bullying out there which is a good topic not to come up.

Holidays are different indeed with rapid communication being possible for anyone that is computer literate. Email can bring a smile to someone when you attach an e-card from a good design company. Sharing best wishes on Facebook or messenger which is more personal can be reflective of your style shining through.