Support Israel's sovereignty

 There is a thrill in communication with others which is why I write for JPost. Although, I don’t always get contacted for my blog posts I am followed. It would be nice to be mentioned more often somewhere like a leader does. Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most popular speakers in the world outside of Israel. He does get mentioned sometimes in Canadian news and world news.

I am not a world leader but being on JPost is a connection to the world in which I live in. Making a difference can happen when someone dedicates time and substance to the work they perform. I am online trying to make a difference. I don’t like the mean things I hear sometimes mentioned in blog posts about the PM of Israel.

Sometimes it seems like people cave into the messages terror sends. There has always been an imbalance in what is said about world leaders, but Abbas is sometimes winning in global coverage. In Canada he is rarely mentioned except on failing topics. I feel antisemitism could be a strong card in the world right now because of the BDS and human traffickers.

Human trafficking drug dealing and other bad topics need to be challenged openly when people like Abbas stand up to be counted as peace makers. Let’s stop kidding ourselves on those topics. Canada and Ontario voted against the BDS and antisemitism so maybe other countries could follow suit.

I don’t like to take on dangerous people so I hope posting on the topics of treachery will never bring about anything bad. Nobody wants to be a victim which is why I wonder how many people truly feel Israel is hurting Palestinians.

I have watched for a very long time the terror topics which happen daily in Israel and other countries. I don’t want to wait for a big one but would rather feel complacent somehow because of lasting peace. I don’t feel peace is possible but wishing is part of my nature.

The word terror used to mean to me people in Israel hurt by people who were trying to match Hitler. I don’t feel there are that many people who would wish to look that evil so the ones who come close try to hide it behind peace talks which are guaranteed to fail over time.

Blogging is my chance to get better at expressing myself to others which is a dream to me. You can have a dream just like Martin Luther King did who also supported Israel. I support Israel against terror but I am not Benjamin Netanyahu or anyone else who can do something about it. He may not either because he builds and strengthens Israel’s defense which may be the only option.

Before someone writes posts supporting those wishing to destroy the Holiest land in the world ask for another opinion. Opinions are out there as I am an opinion blogger but I obtain my opinion before supporting real leaders. BDS may be able to influence bloggers but the PM of Israel who I support as he moves the capital to Jerusalem does as well.