The New Communities

 The New Communities

Lately I have taken to watching Instagram beauties. Sometimes I get a request to follow from one or two Israeli’s which makes me feel special. The way I got on Instagram a little before blogging on JPost was by seeing Ms. Israel on Facebook then searching her name. I don’t know many people on the personal level so when a politically minded or security minded honest woman friends me it’s like: hey.

The IDF has many beautiful members who have popular Instagram accounts, meaning many followers from around the world. Jerusalem Beach seems to be a wonderful place to see sites like on South Beach FLA. There are many happy tourists there protected by the IDF.

I wouldn’t mind traveling to either destination but my following in South Beach is smaller than in Jerusalem I feel. My personal blog gets views from Florida as I am advised sometimes by Google Analytics.

For me web savvy may mean just increasing knowledge to fulfill web goals. You don’t need to say “know it all” about yourself to claim the title web savvy. I am becoming more of that image I feel when I blog on topics which are possible to view on JPost.

It takes research to write an article on JPost which meets publication criteria. Some of my posts have not made it but I hope this one does which has me mentioning the IDF. The contributions the IDF makes to tourism safety for many Canadians and people from around the world is remarkable.

Violence can happen anywhere in the world for many reasons but I feel Israel is safer than many countries beach areas because of the IDF. Israel has a popular following on Instagram meaning the country of Israel itself. I have wondered if it is because of the mandatory service to the country of Israel.

Sometimes I have felt Canada should have mandatory service laws to protect its citizens and instill special ethics for its people. Community is something which can be developed online in groups or in person though inevitably it moves around between internet, home, and public spaces. is a popular place to build connections into community groups or to meet like-minded people. I have not attended a group but feel it is something to consider. My usual meetings with others include common interests sought such as food music or political mindedness.

I am not following the Facebook scandals but the thought of personal information has made me mention my new favorite online account not related to my blogging. Please use it as a place to connect with others or to become a fan or supporter of others. I have seen shaming of others happen on other sites which I will not mention because this is a lighthearted article rather than one on bullying.

Personal information isn’t too essential to submit on Pinterest or Instagram so have fun with it!