The President of the USA's response to populist concerns

 Donald Trump I feel will face all opponents to his policies and executive decisions. No matter how many opposing persons there are, he will manage to pass complicated legislation. I don't see the faults he is said to have by loud individuals who can just obstruct any policy change. My fear is that populist movements have overtaken social media so entirely that it is causing influence on traditional media.
I looked at populism including the peaceful protesters who work on developing speeches which will only throw others off their path. I see it in Canada Europe and the USA where opposition to movement takes place including in the transportation industry. A change in immigration policy allowed the transportation industry to migrate to other countries causing significant damage to the economy of the EU.
Here in Alberta protests are allowed but noticed when attendees don't behave with ordinary decency. Respect for others should be the norm in rallies where support is needed for a cause just or not. I like attending speeches and rallies with real language prepared for and used not just offensive statements about other people.
I haven't been in a position to support a political rally or attend a local cause for many personal reasons. I would love to be busy with life situations which added to the well-being of others. Attending religious events such as the church or other celebrations is easy for anyone. Being involved in the volunteer community would be fulfilling but a task if not on a welcoming schedule.
Being invited to events is good especially when you hear a different point of view than you usually would hear. I feel populism will end by political persons making direct appeals to the volunteer community. Having a core support is necessary for any political movement to take hold or become accepted in society. 
With the US elections behind us, I look forward to an Alberta provincial election and Canadian federal election in 2019. Most likely I will not be heavily involved in either, but as a citizen, I can add some input. Not many times does Donald Trump get swayed off course in speeches unless it is when he seems to join in some fun. Those would be good moments for Canadian persons to share with potential voters when campaigning for the next election.
Recently I spent some time making a video I posted on my YouTube channel titled "My view on Populist Movements." I will post this video here for you to enjoy which only really features my point of view on illegal protesting with some acknowledgment shown to the PM of Canada and the President of the USA. They seem to connect sometimes better than how they are on Social Media as too different from each other.
My main view for making that video which did publish on the web was that Donald Trump the PM or other elected officials might find it hard to perform, because of illegal procedures by others or procedures which come close to breaking National Security Laws. For myself, I don't like to make offensive comments towards others especially if they will interfere with the works of others.
Supporting officials elected or yet to be elected a responsibility of the voter who can influence the official by responding to polls and surveys. I don't know how anyone can attend a protest such as the protests in the video. I don't like to go too public on saying who I would support in an election anymore after witnessing the behavior of those working to undermine elected governments.
These populist movements can influence the trends online which can build or break the careers of media people recording artists and actors/actresses. I have seen advertising campaigns by these media pirates working to just slander others opinions without offering a substitute. I have my ideas which I feel free to speak of in person but have become a little careful online.
North Korea is a topic I would rather have the president mention rather than my view being outside of my home. I watch my online behavior after witnessing how bad online content directed at others can become.
Russia China Venezuela is all on my radar as a topic, but leaders I feel will address the relationships which exist worldwide. I feel safer with Chinese behavior rather than that of other countries which have been or are currently communist. China has a prosperous economy which most likely will never take down the economy of the West. We do have safeguards in place which make me feel as though someone else will take care of that concern.
 In regards to North Korea being ready to launch mini nuclear missiles, I say the USA does know in advance of the situation. Yes, it would be a different outcome than Sept 11th was for certain. I pray that terror is on the wane with measures in place to reduce terror itself. North Korea is engaging in terror rather than being able to make the claim that they have legitimately declared war upon the USA.
Is North Korea ready to take on the USA? As I said, I feel it would be better for the President and world leaders he networks with to decide on the proper releases of information. It is sad that Hawaii is preparing for the survival of its citizens for when there is a nuclear release.
At one time North Korea had the support of many nations as if they were simply an impoverished country outside of the scrutiny of Olympic nations. I do not doubt that the President is in good company when he stands against Communist aggression. We stood up to the USSR at one time backing the USA against the many countries behind the Iron Curtain.
Let's close with some final thoughts on populist movements which can show us a reason not to accept them. I don't believe they have accumulated money from legitimate sources so that they can wield weapons against law enforcement. I believe that protesters are shady in action shown as well as most likely in private life as well outside of the protest structure where they most certainly have a home, friends, etc.