American chutzpah! Damning Israeli sovereignty

Jerusalem is and has always been the Capital City of the State of Israel! And Jerusalem has been the most important city for the Jewish People/Religion/Nation. It is well documented in the Bible, a document/testament recognized not only by Jews but by Christians and others, too.
So why has the United States Government, State Department and now the American Supreme Court refused to recognize this fact?
"The US Supreme Court on Monday struck down a law that would allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to have Israel listed as their birthplace on passports, handing a victory to President Barack Obama's administration.
The Obama administration argued that the law unlawfully encroached on the president's power to set foreign policy and would have, if enforced, undermine the US government's claim to be a neutral peacemaker in the Middle East. (i24 news)" It is davka this continued American policy, from the day that the State of Israel was established in 1948, which is interference and shows that the
United States is not "a neutral peacemaker," pure and simple!
The United States, regardless of the various presidents and their affinity or hostility to Israel, has never been anything close to neutral. Starting with Harry Truman who needed personal arm-twisting to get the State Department to vote in favor of recognizing Israel in the United Nations to Barack Hussein Obama whose obvious antipathy to Israel can't be hidden, there has never been an American President willing to do what they do for every single other country in the world and recognize its choice as Capital City.
It's popular to promote transferring the American Embassy to Jerusalem when campaigning, but no president has ever done it after being elected. Can you name me any other country that is snubbed and insulted like Israel is? It is the right of a sovereign country to choose its own Capital City!!!
As I've written many times, the best response would be for Israel to transfer all of its embassies to cities of its choice. Do this for every single country that refuses to recognize Jerusalem as our Capital City. There is only one logical reason for this horrendously insulting situation. Call a spade a spade. It's ANTISEMITISM!!
This was first posted on my blog, Shiloh Musings, American Chutzpah! Damning Israeli Sovereignty