Executing Arab Terrorists on The Spot, Good or Bad?

 This was first posted on my blog Shiloh Musings as "Executing Arab Terrorists on The Spot, Good or Bad?http://shilohmusings.blogspot.co.il/2015/11/executing-arab-terrorists-on-spot-good.html
There has been a lot of anger, especially concerning terror attacks in the past when police and security only "shot to stop" the Arab terrorists caught in the act of murder or attempted murder. Most Israelis couldn't understand why the various security forces didn't just kill/execute them and save us the expense and manpower for medical care and after that housing them in jail and then all the expenses of trials which give the terrorists chances to promote their anti-Israel agenda.
And by killing them they can't be used in "trades." Too many deadly Arab terrorists now walk free after getting world class medical treatment, well-publicized trials and then since even when convicted there's no death penalty in Israel, the convicted Arab terrorists are then traded for hapless Israelis, civilians and soldiers captured by other terrorists. Quite a few of those terrorist just rejoin the terror against Israelis.
At some of the more recent terror attacks, the terrorists were executed on the spot, which at least guarantees that they won't be able to kill or attempt to kill again. And that's besides all of the other things I just wrote.
Jewish morality comes from the Bible, and in the Bible it says that a murder must be killed.
There are those calling the killing of a terrorist in action a "lynch." And there have been recent attacks in which the police have ended up protecting the terrorist. I'm not saying that a man down should be beaten to death. What I'm saying is that there is nothing wrong in shooting a terrorist to kill.
The reason I don't like the use of the word lynch here is because we have been using to to describe when Arabs have attacked and/or murdered Jews who inadvertently entered Arab areas/neighborhoods/towns.
IDF Rescues US Jews from Arab Lynch Mob in HevronFive men were in a car that strayed into Arab Hevron and attacked by a mob with firebombs. Two suffered moderate to light injuries.
As I've written many times, there is a war going on. The Arabs want us dead and gone, and we must fight it and defeat our enemies. This is no game, and the Arabs have made their goal very clear. We must take appropriate action!
When someone goes out to war, they expect that they can die, so when an Arab terrorist goes out to kill/murder Jews, they expect to die, and there is nothing wrong in executing them.