Has the "Wave of Terror" Waned?

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When the government public relations/branders/word magicians or whatever they call themselves decided to call this Arab terror war against innocent Israelis citizens a "wave" of terror, it was because they wanted to convince us that it would quickly (and easily) fade away... until the next time, as usual. Waves come and go and are part of nature, so in the art of choosing the "right word," to attempt a mind-control of sorts "Wave of Terror" is a popular term, even when those affected feel it more like a tsunami, not a relaxing gentle wave.
Since there's a limit as to how long Israelis will stay home, and I noticed that Jerusalemites are back in the streets even at night.
Photo by Batya MedadPhoto by Batya Medad
Photo by Batya Medad
Photo by Batya Medad
I was in Machane Yehuda the "shuk" the other night, which after dark transforms into Jerusalem's most popular restaurant and bar scene. The vegetable stands magically become tables, and instead of buying onions and apples, the patrons buy beers and steaks. It was as if Israel hasn't been plagued by Arab terrorists.
And in the Rami Levy-Yafiz stores in Sha'ar Binyamin customers were busy buying their usual food and lots of winter clothes, just like every year as the first rains fall. When I was working last night, I heard about the attack in the parking lot of the Gush Etzion branch. Most people just shrugged their shoulders. There's a limit as to how long people can postpone their shopping. There are various "undercover," plainclothes guards in the area besides the uniformed guards at the gate and entrance to Sha'ar Binyamin. There are hardly any Arab customers at all. I've noticed less than a handful the past few weeks, and our regular Jewish customers have told me how much safer they feel without the Arab customers. All employees, Jewish and Arab--yes, me, too--have to undergo security checks before Rami Levy lets us work in his stores here. It may be different in Israeli cities, because if you remember, the man who attempted to murder Yehuda Glick outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center last year had a criminal/terrorist record which according to Israeli Law could not be used to prevent his working in the restaurant there.
I also saw the usual Tuesday crowds at the Israel Museum the night before.
No doubt the Arab terrorist attacks on innocent Israelis aren't over at all. There was another one a bit earlier this morning near Kiryat Arba. But I think that most Israelis have returned to their usual routines traveling, shopping and just walking around. We may try to be more alert to what's happening around us, but we aren't willing to stay locked up at home!